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These 14 Photos Showcase The Stunning Condition That Is Heterochromia


To this day, I still scream “WHY DIDN’T I GET BLUE EYES?!!!”

My dad has blue eyes, but I was still born with dark, unimpressive, unappealing brown eyes. It sucks.

All jokes aside, eyes are often seen as the most beautiful part of the body. They are windows to the soul, and when you’re sitting with someone who has gorgeous eyes, you can’t help but stare into them.

Okay, that was creepy and rude. Don’t do that. Don’t listen to me.

Anyways, while we’re on the subject of eyes, have you ever heard of a condition called Heterochromia Iridum?

Simply put, this is a difference in coloration – usually of the iris, and sometimes of the hair and skin. It’s related to excess or lack of melanin and the reasons for it are many: inherited, or caused by genetic mosaicism, chimerism, disease, or injury.

There are three results to this: one iris different from the other, a part of the iris different than the remainder, or there are spikes of different colors radiating from the pupil.

This gives a unique character to people’s appearance, essentially.

These 16 pictures will show you how stunning this condition can actually be.

1. Hazel + blue = gorgeous

16 Pictures Heterochromia 1

2. Here’s an example of the sectoral heterochromia, and it looks even more gorgeous

16 Pictures Heterochromia 2

3. Some more hazel and blue

16 Pictures Heterochromia 3

4. And here’s a beautiful cat with the sectoral “variety”

16 Pictures Heterochromia 4

5. This dog also has it partial, where half his eyes are white and half are black

16 Pictures Heterochromia 5

6. So beautiful…

16 Pictures Heterochromia 6

7. Icy blue with gold/hazel.


8. This woman and her cat both have it!


9. Hazel brown combined with gray/light blue



10. Light blue and brown.

16 Pictures Heterochromia 10

11. Bright blue and green/hazel.

16 Pictures Heterochromia 11

12. Look how beautiful he/she is

16 Pictures Heterochromia 13

13. Brown and light blue.

Just gorgeous.

16 Pictures Heterochromia 15









15. And one last example of blue and brown.

16 Pictures Heterochromia 15

14. This condition can also occur temporarily as a result of surgery


Makes them all stunning, really.

Source: Social.diply,
Photocredit: Reddit

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