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14 Pop Culture Inspired Couples Costumes For This Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner, and this time you decided to share the excitement of dressing up with your partner. Well in that case, couples costumes are just the thing for you. And if you need some ideas for cool, pop culture inspired couples costumes, look no further. With the help of this gallery compiled by Diply, you can do a nice throwback to some of your favorite duos from popular TV shows and movies. It’s super trendy and easy!

1. The Home Alone burglars

Weren’t they the cutest characters from he 90s? Why not do a throwback this Halloween? The costume is beyond simple and will probably give people some laughs.


Source: Instagram | @liusaidh_lu

2. The Joker and Harley Quinn

Everyone’s favorite Gotham City villains are on this year for Halloween! It does require a lot of makeup, but I’m certain you know it by heart, because you’ve seen the movie for like a thousand times.


Source: Instagram | @sophihannahrichardson

3. Woody and Jessie

They’re possibly the cutest cowboy/cowgirl duo of all-time! Toy Story’s Woody and Jessie are an excellent choice if you want to make a couples costume! It’s fairly simple, too.


Source: Pinterest | emilyarnold96

4. Bob Ross and a happy tree

I don’t think you’ll find anyone else wearing this unique costume!


Source: Tumblr | tastefullyoffensive

5. Mario and Luigi

Or is it Maria and Luigi? If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll like this costume.


Source: Instagram | @genesis_abigail01

6. Belle and the Beast

You can also get inspired by the newest Emma Watson look in the movie! It surely makes for a perfect costume. Get creative with it: go classic or wear your new school duds!


Source: Spissia

7. Lilo and Stitch

Bust out your inner child and dress up as this funny cartoon movie duo! You will be recognized instantly and plus it’s probably the easiest costume on this list.


Source: Her Campus

8. Carl from Up and Kevin the bird

Such a great movie! You can make it on your own way and have endless fun!


Source: Costume Works

9. Buttercup and Westley from The Princess Bride

Start practicing “As you wish” and better get started on making the most iconic on-screen couple costumes ever!


Source: Instagram | @moonunit_theclefairy

10. Jack Skellington and Sally

So this is a Halloween costume about a Halloween movie! Can it get more genius-like?


Source: Pinterest | Alex Wiseman

11. Netflix and Chill

Can you believe this is an actual costume? Yes, this is now a thing! Go basic with t-shirts that identify you and your partner, or get themed and all!


Source: Pinterest | Awkwardgeek

12. Sheldon and Amy

Aren’t they your favorite Big Bang Theory couple? They are the sweetest ones, too! Easy costumes and so much fun!


Source: Instagram | @abilosli

13. Britney and Justin’s jeaned-out look

I still can’t believe this used to be cool in the past! But you can easily remake it this Halloween! It just means you have to wear ALL denim, all evening.


Source: Costume Works

14. Shrek and Fiona

This is so many couples’ favorite Halloween costume idea, and it’s so romantic.


Source: Instagram | @bianconglioart

You gotta love Shrek!


Source: Tumblr | purpledragongifs

If you feel like experimenting with makeup this Halloween, try these makeup ideas.

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