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14 Silver Fox Guys To Make Your Day


The time when white-haired men were considered ‘old’ is long gone. Who knew that the description ‘a man with white hair and white beard’ will no longer mean a Santa lookalike, but someone you’d spent your nights fantasizing about?

It’s 2016 and guys are reinventing themselves, especially the mature ones. They’re taking care of themselves, they’re working out, they dress impeccably. And slowly, but surely, they get all eyes on them. So watch out, young jocks, here come the oldies to take your pedestal. And be careful, you can’t get the whole look just by dying your hair gray, or white. I’m sorry, but you can’t copy the wise eyes and the sexy wrinkles that ooze experience.

So enjoy this one, and next time you hear about a white-haired man, make sure to look twice, because you might find one of these guys around you. Just, look at them.






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