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14 simple life hacks to help you look great every single day


Clothing is not without it’s challenges. shoes can be too tight, material can bobble, our favourite bags and shoes can be a magnet for sticky stains – but that’s no reason to get upset, we’ve collected the best clothing hacks for you to keep your outfits looking shiny and new with minimum effort. Make your clothes last longer by using these simple and effective tricks.

1. Stains on Leather

Getting rid of stains on leather

Combine some water and vinegar and gently rub over the stain with a sponge to get rid of it.


2. Keeping cheap jewellery clean

Keeping jewellery clean

We can’t all afford the real thing, but sometimes our fake counterparts like to remind us of that with green marks on our fingers. Paint a layer of clear nail polish on the inside of rings to stop them leaving their mark.


3. Oily stains on clothes

Getting rid of oily stains on your clothes

Use baby powder to soak up the oil and remove the stain.


4. Resusitating shrunken t-shirt

Rescuing a shrunken t-shirt

Submerge your shrunken item of clothing into water with some kids’ shampoo (one liter of water for every capful of shampoo). Let it to soak for 30 minutes then squeeze out the water and place the t-shirt between two towels for a further ten minutes. Then stretch the item out to its original size, putting something heavy on the edges to keep it stretched, and leave it to dry.


4. De-fluff your clothes with a razor

Use a razor to get rid of fluff from your clothes

Use a razor to remove all the little bobbles that appear on your clothes over time, the bonus is this will also sharpen your razor!


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