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14 Things You Probably Know About Which Are Very Different In Reality


There are things in our wonderfully fascinating world that we’ve heard so much and so often about, we actually believe we have a realistic picture of them in our heads. The reality, however, can be very different to what we see in textbooks or read about in the newspapers. Here are fourteen natural phenomena, famous locations, animals and technology that actually appear different to how we probably imagine them.

1. DNA

Most people are acquainted with the textbook portrayal of DNA as a neat little spiral, but when it is extracted from a plant or animal tissue, it bunches up into a stringy mass, like the wool in a craft drawer. DNA has to be tightly packed together to fit inside the cells!


Source:Valery Chernukhin

2. Alcatraz

The supposedly impossible-to-escape prison off the coast of San Francisco has been mythologized in history and pop culture, but for someone who hasn’t laid their eyes on it, it might be mistaken for a resort rather than a high-security penitentiary.



3. Adult teeth

This is how adult teeth look like poking through before milk teeth are discarded.



4. Newborn kangaroos

It’s common knowledge that baby kangaroos spend the first few months of their lives cozily nestled in their mothers’ pouches, but it’s astonishing to find out how tiny and helpless they actually appear.


Source:Animalia Life

5. The Black Box

Funnily enough, the so-called “black box” officially known as a flight recorder is almost always painted orange to make it easier to find.



6. Haggis

This traditional Scottish delicacy which is rarely found delicious by foreigners is made from sheep’s heart and lungs mixed with oatmeal.


Source:The Telegraph

7. The Milky Way

Despite the Earth being in the Milky Way Galaxy, not many city-dwellers have seen it in its full glory as a result of urban illumination and pollution. Legend has it that when some residents of L.A. saw it for the first time during a 1994 blackout, they called 911 because they didn’t know what it was.


Source:Taylor Photography

8. The Gutenberg Bible

The Bible printed on Gutenberg’s press in the 1450s was the first mass-produced book and it gave birth to the Gutenberg Revolution and the age of the printed word in the West. As of 2009, 49 Gutenberg Bibles are known to exist, but only 21 of them are complete.

8-85_opt (1)

Source:Library of Congress

9. The dark side of the moon

No, not the awesome Pink Floyd album but the side of the moon that’s impossible to see from Earth, first photographed by Soviet astronauts in 1959.


10. Feathered dinosaurs

The discovery that many dinosaurs were in fact feathered has shocked many into creating hilarious memes, but this is how paleontologists think the feathered dinosaurs may have looked like in reality.


Source:American Museum of Natural History

11. Deep Blue, the chess-playing computer

The computer that famously defeated the world’s best chess player Garry Kasparov in 1997 raised fears of a future machine uprising at the time, although in the flesh it looks more like a glorified box than a robot well-suited to taking over the world.


12. The Mona Lisa

Few people know how small the legendary Mona Lisa actually is in reality.

Source:Daily Mail

13. Elephant tails

The bristles on the end of elephant tails are actually so thick that bracelets can be made out of them!


Source:Animalia Life

14. The Curiosity Rover

The cute little friendly robot that we are used to seeing collecting data on Mars is actually much more like a tank than like a small dune buggy.



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