14 Ways to Show Support for LGBTQ Pride With Your Makeup and Hair


While we wish we lived in a more tolerant world, the sad fact remains that society can be a cruel place for people who are deemed not to conform.

Gay pride marches celebrate diversity and allow people from the LGBT communities with their straight allies to support a more open and accepting world.

Even when there are not parades there are little things you can do or accessorize to show that you are  open to people coming out and make their world a little bit more friendly.

Not only will you be making a statement against bigotry and close mindedness you will also look f*c*ing cool while you’re doing it!

Be your own rainbow!

1.Eye Spy

2. Cascading Mani

It’s RAINBOW week for the @digitaldozen 🌈❤️💛💚💙💜🌈 YAY I did a rainbow reverse waterfall design.

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3. Eye Eye!

4.Rainbow Face


5. Loving Lashes

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