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Weird Things You’ll Only See At A Walmart In China


They say you can find anything at a Walmart market, and indeed, you’ve probably experienced this. You can do your weekly groceries, you can buy cheap electronics, or cosmetics. There are all kinds of bargains at Walmart on a daily basis, and maybe that’s the reason you can also encounter strange shoppers who came to have some fun. But, honestly, weird people are not the only ones you will find at Walmart if you happen to be in China. You can find beyond unusual stuff there, and here is your great discovery.


It seems like the Walmarts in China is filled with a wide range of weird and wonderful things that will both amuse you and beguile you. After all, China is known for its exotic, and eccentric, taste in food.

1. Crocodiles in the frozen meat section


Quality food: a crocodile stuffed with an orange in its mouth.

2. A whole lot of rice.


This was obvious, but, wow, did you expect to see something like this? What a neat idea!

3. Misc. mystery meats


People can pick up and mix what they want. And yes, it’s far from hygienic.

4. A bottle of oil + orange juice combo pack


What a deal!

5. Turtles and frogs


No, this is not the pet section, folks! It’s the food section and I’m slowly dying….

6. Walmart brand spirits


What a bargain!

7. Open-air racks of ribs


This one is also not hygienic at all!

8. Assorted dried reptiles


There must be a good reason behind this…

9. Even more live frogs


What do kids do when shopping?

10. Ducks


Kids would be so disappointed to shop at Walmart.

11. Beef granules wrapped like candy


They look sweet, I wonder what they taste like.

12. Sharks


Shark meat anyone?

13. Pig faces


Does it look appetizing to you?

14. Anti-bacterial men’s underwear


This one is a totally new invention. It’s been estimated that 10% of Walmart’s international sales come from China. How do you feel after this information?


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