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15 Times Adults Did Coloring Books For Kids, And The Result Was Hilarious


Does your kid also love coloring? As soon as they learn how colors work, children color for hours. And it’s a good way to keep them busy, too. However, the most important thing is that coloring is important for the development and enrichment of their motor abilities. This scientific way of entertaining your kids is good for adults, too! It’s said that it is a form of meditation, and those who have tried it, say they love it. The results can vary from creepy like the ones found here to creative, of course. As long as you are happy, keep coloring! But, what happens when adults alter the coloring book and do it from their own perspective? This often ends up in a corrupted and hilarious coloring page as in the following examples.

There’s something fun in seeing adults’ perspective, turning children’s coloring books into something completely sinister. And this site called Coloring Book Corruptions gathers coloring books for children seen from adults’ perspective. Although you may think they are a bit dark, they are more than hilarious, too.

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1. Winnie the Pooh, horror style


Source: www.reddit.com

2. Ariel just had to pee

Everyone has to do it, people!


Source: ohjooguys

3. Dora is one mischievous little girl


Source: CrayonsForBrains

4. Animals need to eat, too. The truth is that they eat to survive.


Source: www.reddit.com

5. The evil queen planning another mean plot.


Source: CrayonsForBrains

6. Sesame Street gone wild


Source: www.reddit.com

7. He has certainly impressed her


Source: TraCity

8. So not subtle


Source: www.reddit.com

9. Girls are indeed strange creatures


Source: CrayonsForBrains

10. Santa, the horror story


Source: azogburzum

11. Creepy little girl

I wonder what could the motive be behind this coloring page…


Source: BourbonFox

12. Nobody is really ready for anything


Source: Arctaos

13. Snow White gone bad


Source: lolipoops

14. Is there anything creepier than this colored unicorn?


Source: www.reddit.com

15. Maybe this princess, about to eat these chicks…


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