15 Beautiful Easy and Cheap Halloween Costumes Out of Candy


There is an ocean of Halloween costume ideas on the internet. That’s why sometimes it can be difficult picking the right one. But for sure, we know we all like candies, so why not have a costume made of sugary treats? Here in the video, you can find fifteen sweet ideas for DIY Halloween costumes, Halloween makeup tutorial, candy Halloween props and lipstick tutorials! There is even a simple nail art tutorial to complete the amazing marshmallow princess costume.

No matter if you are looking for a sweet costume for girls, kids, teenagers or an older Halloween enthusiast you will definitely find the perfect one here. Maybe the cute ballerina costume or the cupcake is the one. You will never know until you see them all.

All these costumes are perfect for a last minute Halloween makeover. Just be careful because someone can eat your costume before Halloween. Don’t forget there are a lot of treats like jelly beans, smarties, and gumballs. You could easily be mistaken for a treat.

Source:SaraBeautyCorner – DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art

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