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15 Bon Ton Rules That Will Never Be Old Fashioned

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Having good manners shall never mean that you are old fashioned.  Even the meaning of the term Bon Ton is fashionable manner or style. The rules are very simple. The principled elites follow a code which involves proper speech and vocabulary, common courtesy, restraining emotions, and a neat and clean appearance.

This article lists and explains 15 of the most important etiquette rules, revised for common decency for contemporary living.

Etiquette 101

1. If your friend greets someone with Hello while waking together with you, always say Hello to the person even if you don’t know her/him.

2. Don’t keep your tablet or smartphone on the table while you are having dinner with someone. It shows disrespect and the person may be offended and will feel that you are bored. Checking your Facebook account is absolutely prohibited.

3. If you order sushi  you may eat it with your hands, but sashimi must be eaten with chopsticks.

4. If you invite a date for dinner, then you must put your phone on silent and not engage in long messaging conversations with other people.

5. Always remember to thank people when you get their help. This is how you show appreciation. Its also important not to take their help for granted.

6. When a man is out with a woman, the may offer to take her coat to the cloakroom. He should never touch her bag.

7. When you have free time, go out and spend it together with your friends. this is much more rewarding than empty phone talk.

8. It’s very rude to stare at other people. It’s not polite either if you laugh or talk too loudly.

9. Car drivers must be cautious not to splash pedestrians with water.

10. When you are entering a cinema, a concert hall or theater, go to your seat while facing those sitting down, do not turn your back.

11. Be careful not to repeat the same mistake twice if you have already apologized and your apology was accepted.

12. Polite men show great respect to all women.

13. There are nine things you have to keep secret –age, religion, medical issues, gifts, family quarrels, wealth, affairs, honor, and disgrace.

14. To look good and understand fashion is important. Yet be reasonable with how trendy you are, as you may look bizarre.

15. Never forget to greet everyone when you enter a room, regardless of your status, age, or profession.

See! These rules are not so demanding, they exist to make the world a better place. It can take some time to follow them faithfully. But remember patience is a virtue. 



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