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15 Brides Who Might Feel Regret When They Look At Their Wedding Pictures

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Yes, every lady wants her wedding day to be perfect. yes, every woman wants to both look and feel like a princess for the big day. And yes, the wedding pictures have to jerk tears for years. And yes, the wedding dress is crucial in achieving all of that so it has to be luscious, and rich, and extravagant, and unique…

…but come on!!! Will someone please think of the wedding pictures!

1. Is that Barbie?

wedding pictures 1

2. She and her husband are starting a cupcake business

wedding pictures 2

3. She will be featured on Peter Griffin’s TV project The Sideboob Hour

wedding pictures 3

4. One cannot decide what’s worse: the cornrows or the dress?

wedding pictures 4

5. Imagine filling those with helium…

wedding pictures 5

6. The groom seems to love it, so who cares

wedding pictures 6

7. Is that a water polo cap? And did she break her collarbone recently?

wedding pictures 7

8. “As long as you are happy, dear”

wedding pictures 8

9. Why stop there? YOLO, just go all the way.

wedding pictures 9

10. The hair overshadows the dress here. And that takes some doing.

wedding pictures 10

11. Is that Voltaire?

wedding pictures 11

12. Is she marrying Allen Iverson?

wedding pictures 12

13. Luke, I am your mother.

wedding pictures 13

14. ‘shrooms, anyone?

wedding pictures 14

15. Ah she had the material hanging on her porch

wedding pictures 15


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