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15 Hilarious Bridesmaids Stealing Brides’ Sunshine On The Wedding Day


For some women, their wedding day is the most special day in their lives. They want everything to be perfect, just like in their childhood dreams. Perfect dress, perfect cake, and perfect bridesmaids. And while the origin of bridesmaids have a more sinister motive which you can read about here, sometimes, they are so damn beautiful they can outshine the bride. Here are 15 hilarious photos which show bridesmaids disappointing the bride because they are just stealing their sunshine!

1. Bridesmaids taking their duties to a whole new level.


What made the photographer think this could be a great photo on the big day? You can still call these committed bridesmaids, though.

2. Unique bridesmaids dresses.


Best friends or tortured enemies?

3. Just checking you are still the freshest of them all!


This bridesmaid is one of a kind. She would do just anything to keep the bride happy, satisfied, and clean.

4. There are only few bridesmaids who would accept this challenge


Til death do up part, may come quicker than anticipated!

5. Bride or bridesmaid?


6. Another epic brides and bridesmaids photo.


Those two bridesmaids have certainly taken the attention away from the bride.

7. A photo shoot isn’t exactly the place to fight with your bridesmaids 


Perhaps it was about their choice of shoes.

8. Where are the bridesmaids?


Wearing a dress and looking invisible! Such a bad feeling for these bridesmaids who were so excited to be there for the bride.

9. There’s always one of them who would ruin the photos


Well at least she’s enjoying the big day.

10. When the bride goes slightly overboard with the color pattern.


11. Pets need to be part of the big day, too.


After all, no wedding photo is complete without all of the family.

12. The bride wanted her dress to be up in the air.


So the bridesmaid made it happen! Even though she risked getting injured by throwing herself on the ground.

13. That is far from a typical bride and bridesmaid photo setting.


I wonder if it was the bride’s idea… All the bridesmaids standing in a bath with their heads scraping the ceiling, so not romantic!

14. Showing off those muscles!


These bridesmaids are clearly proud of the bride’s wedding body!

15. This bridesmaid just couldn’t hack it.


Quick nap?

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