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15 Brilliant Ways To Use Spray Paint




How many times you have dumped a piece of furniture that you could have fixed or  bought something instead of making it yourself? When a piece of furniture looks old and extremely used it doesn’t mean you should trash it.

There are simple ways you can refresh it or give it a new look easily. You can revive even your dingiest pieces of decor with a spray. This cheap can with paint offers a variety of colors and textures. You can create fantastic new designs because it’s easy to replace the color with a fresh paint when you are in the right mood.

Jazzing up is cool even when it comes to home decorations. Check out these 15 ways you can use spray paint around the house to get inspired!

1. Plastic Drawers


Source:Scottsdale Moms Blog

Cheap plastic drawers cost around $10,  but unfortunately, they look so ugly. These drawers look exactly like $10, but you can spray a bit of paint, and they will look awesome. Try spray painting the frame and handles a metallic gold.

2. Garden Gazing Ball



Gazing balls look classy in any garden. But they look even better with a mirrored spray paint. This way you will create an illusion of expensive gazing ball without the high-end price tag.

3. Magnetized Fridge Letters


Source:Inspired By Charm

You can give the magnetic letters that you played with as a kid a new look. Just spray those letters with a crisp white, cool black, or glam metallic.

4. Planter Cans



If you like to grow little seedlings indoors, you can create a fabulous DIY planters. First, spray the can with a classy copper color and add some chalkboard labels to identify which herbs are which!

5. Plastic Tub


Source:Tip Toe Fairy

Give the plastic tubs a whole new shabby-chic look with a rustic gray spray paint.

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