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15 Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid To Share That They Are Wearing Spanx


If you don’t like spending all of your days in a gym, or you love to indulge in pepperoni pizza, there is nothing wrong with wearing Spanx to achieve the look you want. Even celebrities do it all the time, and they are not ashamed to admit it. Sometimes, they even double up on the shapewear product!

Here is a list of celebrities who love wearing their Spanx, compiled by Diply.

1. Sarah Hyland

“I always wear shapewear!” said the 26-year-old actress.

“Spanx. Everyone wears Spanx. It’s just like the regular, the short Spanx. I guarantee you 90 percent of these women are wearing them and they’re lying about it if they tell you otherwise.”


2. Chrissy Teigen

The lady of awesomeness and John Legend’s wife opens up about her her post-baby body.

“I never was a Spanx person or a waist trainer person. Now I do it,” she said. “It looks great on the outside, but trust me, I’m a bit soft.”


Source: Instagam | @chrissyteigen

3. Mindy Kaling

The Mindy Project star posted a photo on Instagram, showing the world how she is getting ready for an Award show. She is being completely honest showing that she is wearing not only Spanx but also a corset.

“Awards Show prep. America’s sweetheart,” wrote Kaling .


Source: Instagram | @mindykaling

4. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has never been secretive when it comes to the beauty products she is using. She is loving these Spanx from Target and certainly doesn’t care about the people who accused her of wearing butt pads.


Source: Celebrity Health and Fitness

5. Kristen Bell

Here is the 37-year-old actress being completely candid with her fans, about the fact that she is wearing butt pads. Kristen posted this Instagram story before attending the Golden Globes.


Source: Stylecaster

6. Abbie Cornish

Even the incredibly fit Australian actress Abbie Cornish, revealed that she also needs the support of Spanx every now and then. She posted a mirror selfie on Instagram looking incredible.


Source: Instagram | @abbiecornish

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

“There are these great things called Spanx, and they just squeeze you in. It’s terrific! That’s how all the Hollywood girls do it!” disclosed Paltrow.


Source: Wikimedia Commons | Andrea Raffin

8. Kim Kardashian

“Sometimes I wear two pairs of body shapers on top of each other — especially when I am heavier, I def double it up,” Kim got completely honest on her app.

“They really hold you in and make you feel secure!”


Source: College Candy

9. Oprah Winfrey

“I love Spanx, I love Spanx. I wear Spanx every single day. I’ve given up panties. I wear Spanx!” said the said the popular television host.

If Oprah can do it, anyone can do it!


Source: Instagram | @oprah

10. Gillian Anderson

“I always wear Spanx. Spanx […] are my best friend. I mean, I always have them on. I sleep with them on,”  the 49-year-old actress said jokingly.


Source: Instagram | @gillianan

11. Tyra Banks

“No matter what red carpet, I got ‘em on. I look like a granny before I put the dress on, but I put on the dress, and it’s like, ‘palow!’” revealed the fabulous  Tyra Banks.


12. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba was wearing Spanx under her Fantastic Four costume.

“I wore Spanx under my Fantastic Four costume. I love them! Spanx are the only thing that smooths out all of my lumps and bumps,” said Alba.


Source: Listal

13. Rebecca Romijn

“I’m not pretending to be back to the shape I was in beforehand anyway.” said Romijn about her post-baby body. “I still have a ways to go. We’ve got Spanx underneath almost everything.”

She looks amazing with or without Spanx.


Source: Wikimedia Commons | Manfred Werner

14. Miranda Lambert

“Style secret? Definitely Spanx. That’s every girl’s secret, but most don’t talk about it. You don’t have to think about sucking it in — they do the work for you,” disclosed the 33-year-old country star.


Source: Tenor

15. Dannii Minogue

“My secret? Spanx! I always wear them on the red carpet — they make my butt into the shape it would be if I was really good and went to the gym and had a personal trainer!” said the former X-Factor judge.


Source: Gfycat

These amazing ladies wear whatever they want, and so should you!

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