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15 Celebs That Look So Much Like Their Parents, It’s Insane!

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It’s pretty amazing when you think how many of us can truly look like our parents.

Although genetics can sometimes be tricky (As in, I could get my dad’s blue eyes, but didn’t!), in most cases, we end up looking like the people that created us in the first place. And celebrities are no exception to this. Here are 15 photoshop edits of celebrities with their parents, to show you just how much they actually look alike!

1. To start things off, here’s Gigi Hadid with her mother Yolanda.


Source: SELF Steve Granitz / Getty Images Just Jared Bravo

2. Even when we put Bella next to Yolanda, the similarities are there. Like they say, it runs in the family


Source: Just Jared Bravo Daily Mail WireImage

3. We can certainly see who Miley Cyrus borrowed from here.


Source: ACESHOWBIZ Brian To / WENN InStyle

4. So that’s where Demi Lovato gets that smile


Source: Demi Lovato Wiki billboard Jeremy Chan / Getty Images

5. It’s safe to say that Jaden Smith has borrowed quite a bit from his dad.


Source: The Men’s Hair Forum Pinterest | berlinale.de

6. And then you have Willow, who is literally a spitting image of her dad.


Source: Pinterest | berlinale.de Fanon Wiki

7. Reese Witherspoon’s daughter looks just like her mommy, and she’s lucky for that.


Source: flipboard Style Bistro Chris Jackson / Getty Images

8. You can definitely see where Lindsay Lohan gets her looks from. Minus the eyes.


Source: Alchetron Steal Her Style s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

9. While he may not be a carbon copy, Justin Bieber still borrows a few features from his mom.


Source: Daily Mail Getty Images / CMT Celebrity Beleifs

10. Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia borrows so much from her mom, you could mistake them for twins.


Source: Pinterest | sizlingpeople.com Closer Weekly Getty Images

11. Seriously. Is Beyonce’s mother even allowed to look as good as this?


Source: MTV Getty Images POPSUGAR Instagram | @saintrecords

12. Even though Julianne Moore’s daughter is just 14, they still look very alike. Even down to the eyes.


Source: Shauntmax 30 tribute Zuma Press / Keystone Press

13. Even when she’s really young, we can tell who Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh borrows her looks from.


Source: E! Online Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Pinterest | listal.com

14. You probably have seen this one before, but Kris Jenner and her daughter Kim could literally be sisters.


Source: Biography Style Bistro

15. And finally, to switch it up a bit, the younger ones don’t have to borrow from the parents either! Here’s Julia Roberts’ niece, Emma Roberts, next to her auntie. You can definitely see the resemblance.


Source: Speakers’ Corner Pinterest | elle.com


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