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15 Christmas Hacks And DIYs That Are Beyond Helpful


That lovely time of year is coming soon! You have probably put out your seasonal decorations, but there is still time to be creative until Christmas comes. If you have kids or you just want to be more innovative at home, there is a list of Christmas DIYs that will make you more creative than ever. Sometimes, you also need to know how to manage all that decoration craziness. If you love Christmas as much as I do, and also enjoy learning new tips and tricks that can make it even better, stay tuned for the list of helpful hacks, compiled by Diply.

1. DIY holiday ice lanterns

To add a bit of whimsy to your front porch decor, create a lantern mold using two plastic bottles. You will need one small bottle to put inside the big one and then fill the big one with water, greenery, and cranberries. Then, put it in the freezer and remove the smaller bottle by pouring hot water into it. Next, cut the larger one away from your fabulously festive ice lantern! All you need to do now is put a nice candle inside and get the party started.


Oh My Creative

2. Update a fake tree

These are good for people with allergies, but look a bit dull and lifeless after a few years of usage. However, one crafty decorator figured out an easy and inexpensive way to fix this common problem. She added a large, secondhand wreath in between each section of her fake tree and it looked like new afterward.


Three Little Greenwoods

3. DIY cookie packaging

When Christmas is coming you know you will treat yourself and others with tons of cookies. If you find yourself in need of a quick and easy gift wrapping idea for your loved ones, simply cover a Pringles tin with festive paper. Then, place each cookie in a cupcake liner, and start stacking!


A Baker’s House

4. Candy cane place card holders

Candy canes look great on trees, but they can also be used as crafting material. If you’re hosting a Christmas dinner this year, surprise your guests with a personalized candy cane card holder for each of them.


The Krazy Coupon Lady

5. DIY Tiffany bow

A perfectly wrapped gift is something we all want. You can make this come true by topping your gifts with a big, beautiful bow. Once you break down the steps, you’ll realize it really isn’t that difficult.


Handmade Mood

6. DIY gift bag

If you are out of bags for your gifts, fear not! You can fashion some out of wrapping paper and tape in just a few minutes. The best part is that you can customize the size by simply using more or less paper.


Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body

7. Hang lights with glue

Interestingly, you can use a few dabs of hot glue on things like brick and stone to hang Christmas lights. No more worries about damaging the surface in the process!


The Krazy Coupon Lady

8. Ribbon dispenser hack

You can use an old paper towel roll holder to organize all of the spools of ribbon that are taking up space in your craft drawer. Also, you can use the holder as a makeshift dispenser. Awesome!


Country Living

9. Wrapping paper storage hack

Keep all of your wrapping paper out of sight for the rest of the year in a plastic garment bag. Did you know you can buy these at the dollar store? It’s a double win!


The Chic Site

10. DIY gift wrap organizer

If you want to have your pretty wrapping paper on display instead of hidden away in the closet, you can easily make an organizer. Simply use an old picture frame, some cup hooks, and a few curtain rods.


In My Own Style

11. Santa’s footprints

These will make your kids so happy and excited! If you want to give it a try, all you need is some glitter, baking soda, and a squirt bottle filled with water. Don’t forget about the pair of boots, of course!


Little Hiccups

12. Slow cooker melted chocolate

There are few things worse than burnt chocolate, so you’d better avoid that situation. A quick and easy way to create the perfect melt is to let your slow cooker do all the work. It’s super easy!


The Yummy Life

13. Bead garland storage

To prevent strands of beads from becoming a huge mess, store them in an empty water bottle. Each bottle should be good for two whole strands.


Tip Junkie

14. Creative storage options

If you threw away the original packaging for your Christmas ornaments, use your egg carton or an empty takeout container for storage. It costs less and it’s super handy!


Hello Glow

15. The mirror trick

Glue ornament hooks to small mirrors and hang them all over your tree. This will create the illusion of having more lights on your tree.


The Krazy Coupon Lady

Here are some more crafting ideas.

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