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Amazing DIY Clothing Hacks

Spray leather boots

Everything is getting more and more expensive these days. It can be really hard for people to pass the month especially for students. So if you are in a money pickle at the moment, why not save some money and not buy tons of clothes. I know it can be very tough but if you actually recycle your old clothes it may just save you a lot of money.

1. Don’t throw away that red wine stained top.


If it happens to have a “wine” accident, clean up the mess with soda. Put some on the stain and then dab with a paper towel.

2. Keep that stained black top.


A sharpie will save your favorite black clothing items. Try it!

3. If you rip your jeans too much.


If you go too far with ripped jeans, just wear some pattered tights under your jeans.

4. Don’t throw away tops that have pit stains.


To remove pit stains and make the top smell fresh,  you can use lemon juice.

5. Don’t let deodorant stains dictate your outfit.



If you have deodorant stains on your clothes, then baby wipes will remove everything.

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