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15 Comics That Give A Clear Picture Of What It’s Like To Be In A Long-Term Relationship


Anyone who has been there, knows it takes hard work and patience to put up with what you think it’s the love of your life. Not giving up on your dreams while also thinking about the other person is damn hard, people. Luckily, most people do experience a few long-term relationships every once in a while. If you are in one, then you may find yourself scratching your head and rolling your eyes, or even better, showing these inspiring illustrations to your partner. The artist Sarah Graley, a UK-based comic illustrator, has amazed millions with her downright honest and hilarious comics about life and all its ways. Here she is, giving us a clear picture of what it’s like to be in a long-term relationship. Providr has brought to you a list of her best comics.

The artist’s recent publications include the Rick and Morty: Lil’ Poopy Superstar comics, which immediately became popular. You can find all of her comics on her website superadventure.com, or you can follow her on Instagram. Here she is in an Instagram post below with her partner Stef who is a comic book illustrator himself.


Source: Instagram | @sarahgraley

1. The fart talk

Every couple is bound to talk about this at some point. They remember the time when they first farted in front of each other. It might be the guy, or the girl, depending on their openness to this stuff. Here is what it might look like.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

2. Animal jokes

Stef and Sarah discuss their pet, Pesto. Stef is disappointed that Pesto ran away from him and Sara is here for him in a hilarious way.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

3. Tolerating habits

Partners often do things that annoy the other partner. However, true love always wins in the end.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

4. Getting on each other nerves

When you are so close to each other for a period of time, an argument might be inevitable.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

5. Baby planning

Babies do become a topic at some point and that is sometimes scary, isn’t it?


Source: oursuperadventure.com

6. The whole bed

Whenever your schedules are different, you have the whole bed to yourself! What a feeling…


Source: oursuperadventure.com

7. Ludicrous dreams

On occasion, you and your partner plan some weird stuff about your fantastical future that will probably never come true.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

8. Fun with pets

Sharing a pet together is probably happening to some couples right now and they share experiences like these below for sure.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

9. Encourage each other

When your partner encourages you to be a productive member of society is downright cute.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

10. Mild teasing is commonplace

It always happens! Pushing your partner’s button is so fun! Once you know where to stop, it’s good and healthy for both of you.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

11. After a while, you become the same person

Yes, this sounds scary, but it does happen up to a point. You’re bound to take on your partner’s personality. Okay, only some parts of it.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

12. Being silly together

It’s totally okay to be silly with your partner. You will both enjoy it.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

13. Falling asleep before your partner

Whenever you start watching a movie, this is what happens.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

14. Pooping is no longer taboo

You will eventually know their poop time!


Source: oursuperadventure.com

15. Laugh a lot

The most important part of any healthy relationship is, of course, laughter.


Source: oursuperadventure.com

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