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15 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World

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Currently, there are 195 countries in the world, and if you had to chose a few to live in, which ones would be on your list? Some countries are surely more populated than others, and some have more beautiful women that others, too. There are a few countries that are considered to have the most beautiful women, and we are about to explore them.


1. Sweden

The home of the fair-skinned ladies is the first one, obviously. Tall, blond, and with blue eyes, they also boast high intelligence.


2. Brazil

Brazil also has some of the finest women on the planet. They love to socialize and travel, and are full of cultural values. Education and fitness are a great part of their lives, and they always pay attention to tradition and family.


3. Ukraine

Their astounding beauty is what took them to number three. They are just flawless.


4. Denmark

Women in Denmark are very strong-minded and ambitious, besides being blonde and with stunning figures.


5. Argentina

Argentinian girls know how to take good care of themselves.


They have some great body postures, too!


6. Colombia

Their lovely natural tans and dark hair are magic. They also have caring nature and follow family values, which makes them stand out above all.


7. Russia

Blond, beautiful, with piercing blue eyes, these women are some of the most beautiful in the world. They are clever and confident, too.


Definitely some of the most intriguing women as well.


8. Venezuela

This country holds records for winning numerous beauty pageant crowns. Long hair and gorgeous-looking bodies are their features.


9. Italy

Their beauty is classy. With their great fashion sense and good posture, their confidence is at the highest level.


10. Netherlands

Tall, blond, and beautiful.


11. Canada

Girls of multiple cultures and extraordinary beauty. Combined with a great education as well.


12. USA

One of the most powerful countries in the world is the home of so many beauties, who are also self-confident, independent, friendly, and smart.


13. Australia

They have fun and outgoing personalities, combined with great looks, which make them even more appealing.


14. United Kingdom

Their diverse mix of colors and looks make them perfect – smart, beautiful and highly-educated. They also have an excellent fashion sense.


15. Philippines

These dark-haired ladies are the second for winning beauty pageant contests.


Not only that, but many of them are also very sweet-natured.





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