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15 Crazy Coincidences You Won’t Believe Happened

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Some things happen throughout history and match with things happening today, and we can’t explain this. We’ve all experienced weird coincidences, but some of them are known around the globe. No matter how hard they’ve tried, people simply can’t find an explanation.

Take a look at the stories below and you won’t know what to believe anymore!

1. The Separated Twins With The Almost Identical Lives

Two twins from Ohio were separated at birth and grew up without knowing each other. Both were named James by their adoptive parents, they grew up to be police officers and married a woman named Linda. Each had a son, and named him James Alan, and a dog named Toy. Both brothers got divorced later, and their second wives shared the name Betty!

Source:The Lima News

2. Edgar Allan Poe’s Time Machine

It was brought up because of his book called “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket”. The author describes four sailors surviving the sinking of their ship and were forced to eat their cabin boy, Richard Parker. Poe claimed that the story was based on true events. Now, 46 years later, a boat did sink and, you guessed it, the crew had to eat the cabin boy. His name? Richard Parker. (source: nytimes, seesouthampton)

Source:Edgar Allan Poe, wikipedia

3. Mark Twain Predicted His Own Death

Could this be true? Because if it isn’t, then it sure is a serious coincidence. He was born in 1835 when Halley’s Comet was passing by Earth. He said that he would die next time it passed, and this happens every 76 years. “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835,” he said in 1909. “It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it.” The writer died on the very day of its appearance in 1910. (americanliteraryblog, wikipedia)

Source:A.F. Bradley, NASA

4. Miss Unsinkable

You can either see Violet Jessup as seriously lucky, or a seriously bad omen. She was on the HMS Olympic when it struck the HMS Hawke, she was on board the HMS Britannic when it sank after hitting a sea mine, and she was also traveling on the RMS Titanic when it sank after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic. No wonder she later become known as Miss Unsinkable! (source: historybuff)


5. The Case Of Anthony Hopkins And A Rather Rare Book

When Anthony Hopkins was preparing for his role in The Girl from Petrovka, he wanted to find a version of the book (written by George Feifer). He wanted to study it before filming began, but couldn’t find it anywhere. One day, while sitting on the subway, he found a copy in the carriage in which he was travelling. But that’s not the end, because when Hopkins later met the author, Feifer told him that he also didn’t have a copy of the book. Why? Because he’d lent his last one to a friend, who had then accidentally lost it on the subway! (source: npr, dm)

Source:Universal Pictures , Universal Pictures

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