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15 Of The Creepiest Pictures Taken In Hospitals

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When you just thought hospitals are the safest places to be on this planet, you might get shivers when you find yourself in the following situation. Sure, the staff could help you, but what if hey are all gone? Abandoned hospitals where no one walks around are some of the creepiest places to be. Some of these abandoned ruins of buildings are no longer monitored and finding yourself there might be terrifying. Also, imagine hospitals in the past. Their entire operation and look were different than they are right now, but looking in the past might scare you, you know with all these horror movies set in there…

Here are some pictures that might surprise you.

1. Children of mental asylum patients


This is an old insane asylum. The children aren’t the ones who are sick, but their parents are. Very often, when there wasn’t anyone to take care of them, they were sent to live in the asylum. They were taken good care of, but an asylum isn’t a place to be raised anyway.

2. Children’s morgue in the basement


This is an abandoned morgue in a children’s hospital. The holes are drawers to keep dead bodies. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and scary to look at.

3. A reflection not meant to be captured


A nurse took this image after working hours in the hospital. Whether you believe in ghosts (or Photoshop) or not, the reflection is still there.

4. Someone standing on the roof of an old hospital


It surely looks like a ghost. Someone took the picture outside an abandoned insane asylum. However, it might just be a person trying to… what?

5. What could have killed this cat?


No, this is not a vet hospital, so we don’t know how could this cat die here. The scariest thing is probably its position, looking like it was screaming right before it died.

6. Someone waiting at the desk to check out


This is an actual open hospital after it got dark. It seems like a figure is standing right in front of the desk, wearing a hospital gown. Horrifying!

7. Scratches on the door of an abandoned asylum


This image of scratches on doors brings shivers. Why would someone do it? Were they crazy? Were they not crazy, and kept there against their will? This image will be stuck with me for the rest of the day, all right.

8. Someone caught in the doorway


The image shows clearly a figure standing within the hospital’s walls. The figure seems solid, not transparent, so it’s not a ghost. Could it be a wandering patient from the same hospital?

9. Tunnels beneath an abandoned asylum


Tunnels under an asylum are a real thing and they weren’t invented in American Horror Story. These tunnels may have been used for carrying out the dead patients.

10. The ghost of a young patient?


The bottom right part of the picture shows a little girl standing in the hall.

11. Abandoned blood samples


These bottles are filled with terrifying mysteries that no one will ever touch. There should have been disposed of, but no one took care of that. Is it possible that a terrifying virus might come at us?

12. An overlapped picture of then vs. now


This is a mixture of two photos taken at two different time periods. Once it was a hospital, and now it is an abandoned building.

13. Something caught creeping on camera


The nurse who took the picture claims the patient in the bed had died later that night. As you can see, there is a dark figure above the bed and it doesn’t look human at all. Do you think the nurse faked the picture?

14. What’s standing over this patient?


This photo reveals a bright shadow over a sleeping patient. What might it be?

15. A Christmas tree in the window of an abandoned asylum




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