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15 Creepy DIYs For Haunting Your Dreams On Halloween

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My favorite time of the year is coming! Leaves falling, nights cooling, and Halloween parties! While you are still thinking about your next Halloween, here are some of celebrities’ most controversial costumes. Costumes are not the only reason people adore Haloween! All that fall decoration and getting creative, and a bit out of control is coming, too! If you are looking for some creepy DIY ideas on how to decorate for Halloween, find some inspiration in the list below.

1. Haunted figurines

Knickknacks can be creepy enough on their own, but this DIY will definitely bring the best out of them. Who knew black and red paint could be so scary?


Source: Sadie Seasongoods

2. Zombie dolls

Remember all of those dolls you keep in your basement? Well, if you thought they are terrifying now, wait until you give them a zombie makeover!2

Source: Instructables | wold630

3. Insane asylum prop

If you knew anyone who has this sitting beside their front door, you probably wouldn’t go anywhere near their house. It can really creep you out. If you’re looking for terrifying, this is the project for you. All you need is a skeleton prop, a styrofoam head, a wig, and some thrift store clothing.


Source: Halloween Forum | offmymeds

4. Eerie mirror

Guests wil be in for the shock of their life when they walk into your home and look themselves in the mirror! And you will just laugh and laugh…


Source:Domythic Bliss

5. Dried apple shrunken heads

If your kids already hate apples, don’t show them this DIY. But if you do want your house to be the scariest on the trick-or-treating circuit, you should definitely give it a try.


Source: eHow | Jonathan Fong

6. Ghost face picture frame

Cheesecloth may not sound scary, but wait until you cover the always creepy doll face with it. And there you go – you end up with one heck of an eerie-looking prop for your home.


Source: eHow | Jessica Begum

7. Zombie baby head

Although dolls are creepy enough without a zombie makeover, this DIY will definitely give you the shivers. Perfect for Halloween!


Source: Just Crafty Enough

8. Head in a jar

Give your coworkers the fright of their lives with this harmless prank. As long as you know how to operate a photo editing program, you can make this project work.


Source: Instructables | mikeasaurus

9. Spooky crystal ball candlesticks

If the look you desire is “Spooky Victorian,” then this DIY will be right for you! All you need is some transparency film and clear Christmas bulbs.


Source: Flamingo Toes

10. Pizza skulls

You’ll never look at pizza the same way again once you try this out! If The Walking Dead were a meal, this is what it would look like.


Source: Plain Chicken

11. Bloody good cheesecake

Any cheesecake fans? It’s gross and creepy, but also delicious.


Source: Sugar Dish Me

12. Shadow costume

Not only would this costume be super easy to put together, but you will also scare everyone around you! Don’t you dare walk around after it gets dark here.


Source: Reddit | mybustersword

13. Hocus pocus spellbook

Are you a lover of a good creepy spellbook? Just remember not to light the black flame candle.


Source: Hometalk | Katrina Warren

14. Zombie siamese twin dolls

Well, that’s one way to ruin someone’s childhood. Still awesome, though!


Source:Just Crafty Enough

15. Chicken wire ghost

This project definitely needs some uplighting to illuminate the ghostly figure once the sun sets!


Source: eHow | Jessica Begum

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