15 Cringe-Worthy Photos That Will Make All Makeup Lovers Cry



Well. Probably at least one of these misadventures has happened to all of us at some point. The very moment we think we have nailed a makeup milestone, something terrible happens. It’s worse if you are happy because you filled in your eyebrows correctly for the first time, or seamlessly applied liquid lipstick…then, bam! the dark side of beauty pops up. Although tragedies, like shattering a brand new compact or seeing photos of yourself wearing electric blue eye shadow, are painful, they are very important. The struggle is making us stronger in the long run.

Also, it can be funny if we share those not-so-perfect moments with our friends. That way we will know we’re not alone in our quest to look flawless. Probably many of us can relate with these cringe-worthy beauty photos.

1. Watching helplessly…

There is not much you can do when your favorite liquid foundation shatters before your very eyes. RIP flawless finish.



2. When a sneeze interrupts your makeup routine

It’s painful when you realize you have to re-do your winged eyeliner. After all, it only took 45 minutes to complete in the first place


Source: @chicken.baby

3. What is the bigger tragedy here?



4. Ouch!

This is the reason that broken nails have the reputation that they do



5. These are the kinds of things that hurt so bad.

This lipstick was almost new, sadly it’s a lot of wasted potential.




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