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15 Really Cool DIY Clothing Hacks

mermaid blanket

Clothes are an important part of our everyday lives. Quite a big number of us enjoy to go shopping for clothes, and we like to splash quite a bit of cash on clothing.

There are those people who’d rather spend a big amount of money on several items, or just spend their savings on one really expensive item they’ve been dying to get.

Of course, there is a third kind of people when it comes to clothing. I’m talking about those who just take some old piece that they have lying around the house, and make a totally new clothing item out of it.

Well, these people, as found by YouTuber Olip Beauty certainly know a thing or two about DIY clothes.

This video features 15 different clothing life hacks, and they are really really useful if you want to do something about that old shirt you have lying around.

Some of these hacks include:

1. A pair of undies transformed into a distressed golden sports bra

2. These DIY distressed denim shorts

3. My personal favorite – a mermaid blanket!

These, along with 12 other DIY clothing hacks can all be found in the video below.

The thumbnail is a bit misleading, the reason being the items in the thumbnail are nowhere to be seen in the video, but the actual items in the video more than make up for this.

If you’re into DIY and you want to do something cool with your old clothes that you stopped wearing ages ago, then what are you waiting for? Play away!

Source:Olip Beauty

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