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15 DIYs That Are Beyond Easy To Make


Has it also happened to you to have a DIY day, but nothing worked in the moment? You had all the materials and time, but all of the projects were super hard to even start with. And you ended up with something that looked like a first-grader’s craft. As Halloween is coming, you might want to check out these hacks first. However, if you are up for something super simple, here are the easiest crafts you can find on the Internet. Time to go get started!

1. Paint scrape notecards

Receiving a card is a special moment, but receiving a handmade one is like getting a Christmas present. To make these cute notecards, all you need is some card stock, paint, an old credit card, and some stickers. Sounds easy to me!


Source: Persia Lou

2. Five-Minute dry erase board

Do you often forget stuff? To help keep things a bit more organized, why not make yourself one of these picture frame dry erase boards? So cute!


Source: One Little Project At A Time

3. Mid-century wreath

Vintage Christmas decorations are the best! This festive wreath project is perfect if you also love them. To make one of these, all you need is a foam wreath form, some tinsel, and your favorite throwback ornaments.


Source: Craft And Tell

4. Shell art

It’s one-of-a-kind, but very easy still! The best part about this craft is that everything you need to make it can be purchased at the dollar store.


Source: The Party Teacher

5. Easy fall wreath

These can be truly expensive, so why not make one yourself? You’ll need: a craft foam ring, some fall floral stems with thick stems, wire cutters and a pen for marking the floral ring.


Source: Two Bees In A Pod

6. Chalk stenciled pumpkins

If you’re looking for something to keep the kids occupied with for the upcoming holiday, this chalk pumpkin is a wonderful idea. It’s super fun!


Source: One Little Project At A Time

7. Pinecone Christmas trees

Get your paint and brush ready and get started! Don’t forget the glue, though! You need the stars above as well!


Source: Scissors And Spoons

8. Gold animal Ring dish

This DIY is proof that spray paint can do wonders! Have some extra toys lying around? You can turn them into these lovely ring dishes in no time!


Source: Amazon | Cool Glow | Amazon | Rust-Oleum | Target | Taylor Bradford

9. Spring carrot door hanger

This is too cute to even look at! I’m going shopping for ‘tulips’ tomorrow!


Source: Love The Tompkins

10. Dip-dyed frosted tumblers

This is the project for you if you’d like to make your glasses look fancy! Grab some frosted glass paint and some tape, and create the design of your choice!


Source: Vicky Barone

11. Cupcake liner wreath

This is beyond cute! It would be perfect for a birthday party also! All you need is a craft ring and cupcake paper holders.


Source: Typically Simple

12. Lollipop ghosts

This one is probably the easiest one to make. Lollipops and tissues! Add some decoration in as well. Halloween is coming!


Source: One Little Project At A Time

13. Tic-tac-toe travel game bag

This one is perfect for all those long car rides and people of all ages can use it!


Source: Premeditated Leftovers

14. Pineapple bookends

These look classy!


Source: DIY Candy

15. Cute clothespin bats

You must have done a craft with clothespins at least once in your life! Halloween is coming, so why not make some bats together with your kids?


Source: I Heart Crafty Things

Super easy, right?

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