15 Easter Eggs From Pixar And Disney Movies That Will Leave You Impressed

Easter eggs! We all love them! Because it takes a lot of attention to detail to actually discover them, and because it’s so rewarding when we figure something out.

Most people just watch a movie once, but a certain part of the audience will become a huge fan, and will end up watching the same movie several times. Or… ten times. Or twenty! Well, you get it. And you always notice something you didn’t quite get before. In many ways, rewatching a favorite movie is like visiting a country many times. You always end up discovering more.

Today, we’re taking a tour through some of the most interesting Easter Eggs that Disney and Pixar put in their movies (courtesy of Providr). Or, I guess the correct expression is “hid in their movies.” Well, gotta catch ’em all!

1. When Sid from the original Toy Story appeared in Toy Story 3

That garbage man? It’s Sid. You can tell by his signature ‘skull’ T-shirt.

easter eggs1

2. Scar, from The Lion King, is referenced in the Hercules movie

Remember when Zazu quipped to Mufasa that Scar would “make a very handsome throw rug”? Well, he actually does make a handsome throw rug, as evidenced in Hercules!

easter eggs2

3. When Toy Story 2 pranked Canada

That conversion rate!

easter eggs3

4. Pixar’s favorite Easter Egg

The pickup truck is a 1978 Gyoza Mark VII Lite Hauler, and was used for making deliveries for Pizza Planet in the first Toy Story. Since then, the yellow car has made cameos in every single Pixar movie, with The Incredibles being the only exception.

easter eggs4

5. When Tarzan borrowed some items from Beauty and the Beast

The two animated movies share the same china set.

easter eggs5

6. A weird connection?

Well, not if you think it through. Binford Tools is a fictional company in the TV show Home Improvement by Tim Allen. But it also appears in Toy Story! What is going on here? Well, here’s the connection: Buzz Lightyear was actually voiced by Tim Allen!

easter eggs6

7. Remember that peddler in Aladdin? Yup, he was the Genie the whole time!

Everyone expected this to be revealed at the end, but nothing came of it. After all, they both have four fingers and both were voiced by Robin Williams. And finally, directors John Musker and Ron Clemens confirmed what fans suspected all along. In an interview with Entertainment! Online, Clemens admitted it was “the whole intention, originally.”

easter eggs7

8. “Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln!” is… based on true events!

The exclamation is made when Jessie first meets Woody in Toy Story 2. Why? Because Woody is voiced by Tom Hanks, who is a descendant of the uncle of Nancy Hanks… Who, in turn, was the mother of Abraham Lincoln.

easter eggs8

9. When Mrs. Potato Head is reading a book on A Bug’s Life in Toy Story 2

easter eggs9

10. And A Bug’s Life connects to Monsters, Inc.

Most of the action in A Bug’s Life happens under the shadow of a mobile home (parked next to – you guessed it – that Pizza Planet delivery truck). But the same trailer makes a cameo in Monsters, Inc. when Randall is sent to live there as punishment.

easter eggs10

11. Zootopia gets sentimental

Nick is wearing the same handkerchief in his youth, and when he’s older, in the scene where he’s holding the blueberries.

easter eggs11

12. Finding Nemo actually introduced us to The Incredibles

Remember the scene at the dentist in Finding Nemo? Well, guess what that kid is reading…

easter eggs12

13. The fish movie also made a nod to Toy Story

When Nemo gets himself stuck in the dentist’s aquarium, he spots a Buzz Lightyear doll in the room.

easter eggs13

14. Pixar’s Luxo Ball appears in Up

The yellow ball, sporting a red star and a blue stripe has appeared in the earliest animations by Pixar, and has gotten the name ‘Luxo Ball.’ Since then, it has appeared in many other Pixar movies.

easter eggs14

15. Helen the Eagle Eye!

In The Incredibles, Helen and her two kids float in the middle of the sea after just having survived a plane explosion. But somehow she realizes the plane’s wreckage is about to crash on them, and the question is how? Many fans just wrote it off as her having special abilities, but the truth is much more mundane and surprising – she saw the reflection of the falling plane in the water. Talk about a super mom!

easter eggs16

Source: providr