Fifteen Easy And Ingenious Cooking Hacks For Thanksgiving

Fifteen Easy And Ingenious Cooking Hacks For Next Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving — we all love that delicious time of the year when you get to feast on tons and tons of stuffing, turkey and cranberry sauce, while you try to dodge your relative’s inappropriate (but very sensible) questions.

But it’s not as fun if you’re the one who has to cook everything, and it’s super easy to end up stressed out instead of enjoying yourself. There are so many people to feed and please, and still end up not being grumpy. We know how it is, and for that reason, we’re helping you out today (thanks, Diply). Here are the best 15 Thanksgiving hacks to make all your holiday worries go away.

1. Put your recipes on the cupboards

It’s as easy as printing them out and taping them on the inside of the cupboard doors. That way, you’ll always have them right in front of you, but remember to watch your head.


Dinner: A Love Story

2. Cut the pastry with the help of a wine glass

Don’t have a cutter handy? No worries, a wine glass – or heck, any glass – will do.

South by Southeast

3. An easy way to peel potatoes? Boil them!

Ugh, everyone hates peeling potatoes. It’s basically the chore our grandparents had to do, and I guess some sort of genetic memory made sure we remember the annoyance. But listen, if you just boil the potatoes, the skin gets really easy to rub off.

YouTube | Chowhound

4. Tell your kids to set the table early.

Well, if you have them. Alternatively, if you don’t, just use your friends or other family members. Everyone gets to eat, and if so, everyone should help!

Chic Home Mom

5. Cook the turkey overnight and save precious time!

The only downside is – it may not taste as fresh and juicy. But the meet will marinate longer like this, so the taste will pack more punch. It’s a worthy compromise.


The Kitchn

6. Make sure the turkey isn’t dry – with the help of beer.

Yeah, like we mentioned above. But there’s a way to avoid this, just use the “beer in the rear” tactic. Here’s how you do it: get a large-sized beer can, drink half of it (that’s why it’s large-sized), then add a bit of rum and place the turkey on top of it to steam. After a while, the rum and beer vapors will moisturize the turkey in a delicious way.


YouTube | BarbecueTricks

7. Reduce cooking the turkey by putting it in a bag.

Out of time again? If you place the turkey in a bag, it will help seal the moisture and make it more tender. But it also reduces cooking time by around 30%. So, use it if you have to.


Emily Lyon | Clever Housewife

8. You can steam-cook your food in the dishwasher?

I’m suspicious of this, hence the question mark, but others have apparently used it to good effect. A good dishwasher can cook fish and even steam vegetables – just make sure to wrap your items in tin foil and you’re good.

Organic Authority

9. A sharp knife and cold water make cutting onions better

It’s based on science – the sharper the knife, the fewer onion cell walls we break, and the less sulfonic acid gets released to make you cry. Sulfonic acid is also soluble in water, so pour some water on your onions to further reduce your chances of crying.


Cheat Sheet

10. Save oven space by using a slow cooker

There’s simply TOO much stuff to cook, sometimes. And having a slow cooker handy helps a TON. You’ll thank us later.

Slow cooker recipes

11. You can use the leftover cranberry sauce to make cocktails!

Also works if you just don’t like it – but you’re into cocktails. Take an ounce of the sauce, add another ounce of bourbon and another ounce of amaretto. You can also add some ice and ginger ale, and get yourself a nice Thanksgiving cocktail after you shake it all up.


Flickr | Tim Sackton

12. Make a stew with the leftovers.

Dump it all in a pot and let it simmer. There – you got yourself a nice, albeit weird, stew.


Flickr | moochida

13. Tell guests to bring food

Yeah, why not? You’re not like a paid cook or something. Thanksgiving is all about family, so everyone should contribute together. Plus, everyone will be proud of their food.


14. Prepare a pretty surprise!

With all the time you’ve saved, you can make a little something on the side. It’s just important that it looks good – like these apple swans. Way to impress everyone and add some good feelings to the table!


YouTube | Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”


Even if you still don’t have time, no worries – you can always buy some food from the local catering service. It’s convenient, fast and no one will notice. Well, probably. Just make sure no one sees the wrapping!


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source: diply

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