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15 Embarrassing Moments That Went Down In History


Embarrassing oneself every once in a while is part and parcel of life. Everyone deals with such incidences differently: some people find laughing at themselves really therapeutical, while some pretend it never happened.

What we’re wondering about, though, is have the people in some of these cases ever even found out what they have done?

Get ready to go red for the embarrassing situations

1. Self-deprecating humor always helps

Embarrassing pic 1

2. Unless you’re a Celtic Harp, this won’t get you through customs

Embarrassing pic 2

3. When writer Joyce Carol Oates posted a tongue-in-cheek tweet about this Steven Spielberg Jurassic Park tribute, she probably didn’t expect that many people would catch on…

Embarrassing pic 3

4. This lady was probably wasted on moonshine…

Embarrassing pic 4

5. Thanks for the heads up, Senator!

Embarrassing pic 5

6. When a bat orders a pizza

Embarrassing pic 6

7. That’s not how it works…

Embarrassing pic 7

8. Was the job-opening a chef position?

8. Well, that's embarrassing

9. Turning an oven into an art installation

Embarrassing pic 9

10. Please don’t brush your teeth with that

Embarrassing pic 10

11. Apparently, that doesn’t work…

Embarrassing pic 11

12. Another reason to mind your own business

Embarrassing pic 12

13. Jesus wannabe?

Embarrassing pic 13

14. You know you can turn it around, right?

Embarrassing pic 14

15. Everybody’s heard that the brid is the wrid

Embarrassing pic 15


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