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15 Epic Wedding Cake Disasters



Of course, the wedding dress is important, but for sure we can all agree that a wedding cake is a must have for a successful wedding celebration. It has to be something everyone will remember.

Most couples spend months planning the Big Day. Every detail has to be perfect. When it comes to the cake, the best part is the tasting sessions. Then it’s the design research before making the final decision.

But the biggest disappointment is when the moment to cut the cake comes, and it’s an absolute disaster. However, it’s always better to accept this situation as funny. Although for sure many brides cried. Here are 15 comic wedding cake disasters.

1. Who would like to have a poop cake?


Source:via Fail LOL

2. Are you sure you want a 3.145 tier wedding cake?


Source:via Chiq Weddings

3. This obviously didn’t get weeded out.


Source:via Cheezburger

4. Not exactly as she planned.


Source:via Cheezburger

5. If this was made by a kindergarten class then it’s ok.


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