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15 Everyday Items You Never Knew Had A Very Useful Purpose


Designers are not dumb, while we may use their tools and implements all day long, many of them have small useful features that we never knew about. From the pen to a measuring tape, small design features have been integrated for safety or practicality. But the problem is, most of us do not know what they are for. The products are so mainstream they don’t need advertising campaigns to promote them, so their ingenious aspects have been lost…until now!

We’ve collected 15 regular products that all have a secret. Now that secrets out…be sure to share with your friends!

1.The hole in the lid of a ballpoint pen


This hold was specially designed to combat choking, if some accidentally swallows the pen lid (which happens surprisingly often). The hole allows some air to pass through the airway, until it can be removed.


2. Those tiny little hoes in airplane windows


These holes redress the imbalance between the outside and inside pressure.

3. The swatch of fabric you get with new clothes


This sample of material allows you to test your detergent to see if there is an adverse reaction, before you wash the garment.

4. That wee pocket in your jeans


When jeans were first invented, Cowboy’s used the pocket to store their pocket watches! and the design has been kept as a trademark.

5. What about the studs?


Jeans were made for heavy industrial work, so they needed to be strong, Levi Strauss used studs to reinforce the jeans so they wouldn’t tear easily.

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