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15 Eyeliner Charts To Help You Improve Your Makeup Skills


worthThe word chart is not a pleasant word for any student who struggled with statistics and maths during high school. But charts can also serve a helpful purpose. They can be informative and reliable. In this content, they will help you master your eyeliner.

If you’re not certain how to produce a winged eyeliner or even don’t have a clue what a winged eyeliner is, then you’ve come to the right place. These charts will considerably improve your eyeliner game and prevent you from taking your eye out.

1. Learn how contour your eye like a professional.

Lighter shades make your eyes pop, while darker colors add dimension and push features back. Knowing where to put the correct eye-shadow and highlights will add the perfect amount of definition to your eyeliner.


Source: Trends & Style

2. So little time, so many eyeliner styles.


Source: Illustrated Moodboard

3. Applying gold eye shadow on your waterline

This is a softer, glistening alternative to your regular eyeliner. Firstly, you should use a primer and then apply this sparkly eye shadow along your waterline and to your inner eye.


Source: Weddbook

4. Smokey Eyes

So, if you want to acquire the technique of getting the perfect smokey eye, start by drawing a hashtag symbol on the edge of your eyelid. Use a soft brush to mix the makeup for that powerful sultry look. Also, check #8 on the list for an alternative way of creating a smokey eye.


Source: The Beauty Department

5. Dark waterlines.

Make sure you to do this accurately if you love an intense and dark waterline. Ensure your upper lash is tight-lined and blended right. In doing so you will avoid a wide gap that can give your makeup an incomplete look.


Source: Ms. Quinn Face

6. Tight-lining.

This procedure will help you get around the gap we mentioned above. Apply your eyeliner by moving under the lash line and putting pigment between your eyelashes. It may take a fair amount of time, but the result will certainly be worth it.


Source: Painted Ladies

7. Getting winged liner the easy way.

If you don’t have the steadiest of hands, there is a chance you are not going to draw the perfect winged liner. Consider saving the wings for last by drawing two lines and filling them. It may be helpful to look at #9 on our list for a different way to complete your wings.


Source: Pinup Girl Style

8. One for the butter-fingers out there.

This technique doesn’t actually require perfect hand movement. Just use a kohl eyeliner that you can apply to your eyelid. After that, blend it with a makeup brush and you will have yourself a smokey eye.


Source: Divine Caroline

9. High fliers.

What you need to do to achieve perfect wings is to connect both lines and apply liquid eyeliner.


Source: Instagram | @iheartmakeupart

10. Bold colors can emphasize your eyeliner.

Make sure to apply a primer and then use colored eye shadow on your lower lash line. This is a great substitute for buying colored eyeliners and it will also help the colors to last longer.


Source: Wizaz Online

11. Baby steps with scotch tape.

Scotch tape will assist the straight line while attempting to get the perfect winged eyeliner.


Source: Sarah Lipoff | PopSugar

12. That eyeliner is here to stay.

Brush pressed powder a little less lighter than your skin tone to keep your eyeliner in place for the day.


Source: The Beauty Department

13. Glitter is the only thing you can’t get enough of.

By applying a layer of metallic eye-shadow on top of your eyeliner, you immediately get a glitter liner.


Source: The Beauty Department

14. Eyes so big and beautiful.

Your eyes will look bigger decorated with a soft, winged eyeliner blended with eye-shadow. The shape of the liner amplifies the eye, and the use of powder gives you a more natural look than a liquid liner would.


Source: Wizaz Online

15. The last glimmer of hope.

If you are still doubting your skills try the one thing that will make you an instant-pro: an eyeliner stencil.


Source: Instagram | @iheartmakeupart
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