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15 Facts About Kristen Bell That You May Not Have Known

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Frozen is probably the most successful animated movie of the 21st century. The 2013 release was about a kingdom that got entangled in perpetual winter due to the queen having an icy powers and being unable to control them, her sister and a mountaineer with his reindeer sidekick are on the hunt for the ice queen in order to attempt to break the spell. Simple plot yes, but due to the whole… Disneyness of the movie and the world-famous song “Let It Go” performed by Idina Menzel, the movie has grossed over $1.2 billion at the box office.

The sister who goes by the name Anna (pronounced ah-nna), is portrayed by Kristen Bell, quite a successful actress and singer that has been seen and heard everywhere. But there’s more to the 36-year-old from Huntington Woods in Michigan than just providing a voice for a queen with icy powers’ sister.

Here are 15 facts about Kristen Bell you may not have known.

1. Her humble beginning was singing at funerals alongside her best friend.

15 Facts About Kristen Bell That You May Not Have Known 1


2. Hardcore gamer

She claims that she used to be a hardcore gamer with a passion for playing video games in college. Her favorites were Mario Kart 64 and GoldenEye, both Nintendo 64 classics.

15 Facts About Kristen Bell That You May Not Have Known 2

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3. Still into games

She may not play games as hardcore as she used to, but she’s still very much into them. She provided the voice of Lucy Stillman, a character that made an appearance in several of the popular Assassin’s Creed video games.


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4. She was actually the voice of the mysterious Gossip Girl in the series


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5. Smurfette and Matthew

When she was quite young, she insisted that her family called her Smurfette, but then she made them call her Matthew. In the end, she settled on Annie, after her middle name Anne.


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6. Daughters aren’t fans

Surprisingly, Kristen’s daughters are not big fans of Frozen, which is why it’s not exactly an often played movie in the household unlike every other household with young girls.


Source: Yahoo

7. Her first audition was back in 1992 and it was successful! She won the part of a banana AND a tree in a local theater production.


Source:Entertainment Weekly

8. Tomboys

She has admitted that the characters she plays are always tomboys because she’s not “homely enough to play the nerdy girl and not nearly pretty to play the pretty girl.”

Nonsense, Kristen is gorgeous!


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9. Twitter marriage

Kristen used Twitter to ask her husband, Dax Shephard to marry him!



10. Delivery

As a volunteer in Brazil, she helped deliver two babies!


Source:Hawt Celebs

11. Starstruck

She revealed that the only time she’s been starstruck is the time when she got to meet Peter Dinklage. I can see why.


Source:Speakers’ Corner

12. Dessert fiend

She has dessert after every single meal she eats, even breakfast.


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13. Six months pregnant

She was six months pregnant while filming House of Lies, which meant that the show had to hire a body double in the scenes where her belly was shown.



14. Motorcycle license

Kristen has a motorcycle license, meaning she likes to live life in the fast lane.



15. Veronica Mars

Kristen knew from the second she read the pilot script for Veronica Mars that she wanted to play the character. She was perfect for it!


Source:Harper’s Bazaar

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