The Sound of Music

15 Little Known Facts You Didn’t Know About The Sound Of Music

What’s the world’s favorite family movie? I kinda have a hunch it’s Robert Wise’s The Sound of Music. Hailing from 1965, the all-time-classic starred Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in their unforgettable roles.

But today, thanks to AutyAcid, we’ll hold a class on all the trivia and interesting facts that surrounded this evergreen movie. Let’s begin.

1. Remember when Maria tripped? It wasn’t acting.


Yup, Maria really tripped while singing ‘I Have Confidence’. Ironic, isn’t it? Tripping up wasn’t in the script, but the director chose to keep it because it added more heart to her character.

2. Christopher Plummer hated being on set with Julie Andrews


Because, it was like ‘being hit over the head with a big Valentine’s Day card, every day’ he said. So romantic! Or maybe too romantic?

3. Julie Andrews almost refused the role


She was always the first choice for her role in The Sound Of Music. However, she had just done Mary Poppins and worried she may be getting herself too much into a cliche – she didn’t want to play goodie two shoes all over again. But, after reading the script, she changed her mind. Thankfully!

4. Christopher called the movie ‘The Sound of Mucus’


Overbearing romantic positivity rubs some of us the WRONG way. I feel ya, Chris! It can be too much! Eugh!

5. This made him drink a lot


Especially during the music festival scene. We all have our coping mechanisms!

6. Charmian Carr had a crush on her on-screen Dad


When they filmed The Sound of Music, she was twenty-something, while Christopher was thirty-five. She later admitted that she was attracted to him, but get this – Plummer said the feeling was mutual. However, despite the (romantic, or sexual?) chemistry, it never became anything more than a flirtation.

7. Between takes, Julie entertained the kids


The movie had a lot of kids in it, and naturally, they were getting restless during breaks. So, Julie would turn into Mary Poppins and sing ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ to them. At the time Mary Poppins wasn’t even out yet so the kids thought she was basically a magician who made the song up right then and there. I wanna be those kids.

8. The song ‘Edelweiss’ was written specifically for the movie


And became famous in Austria only later!

9. Julie Walters had to learn to play the guitar


At first, she didn’t want to, but the director sort of persuaded her. And she ended up with a new skill for life!

10. Same thing with Christopher


But in the end the producers still decided to dub over his playing and singing.

11. Debbie Turner’s teeth kept falling out


She was playing Marta if you remember. And due to the constant editing and repeated takes, in one scene she would have a tooth, but in another she would lack it. So they gave her some fake teeth to fix this.

12. Julie couldn’t stop giggling


And always at the worst time! Whenever she was about to kiss the Captain, a lighting device would activate to help take a better shot. But this device always made a funny ‘raspberry’ sound and she couldn’t stop giggling. One time she laughed all the way through 20 takes!

13. The character roles were extensively researched


Christopher even took a trip all the way to Salzburg to interview people about what his character, the Captain, was like.

14. Kym Karath (who played Gretl) almost drowned


And she even told everyone that she couldn’t swim, but the director thought all will be good during that rowboat scene. The idea was that Julie would jump right away to rescue Kym, but, Julie arrived too late, leaving Kym traumatized.

15. The Sound of Music saved 20th Century Fox from bankruptcy


It’s unbelievable but it’s true – the great studio was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. But luckily, The Sound of Music isn’t considered the most successful musical of all time! 20th Century Fox survived, and thrived.

Source: auntyacid