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15 Facts You Didn’t Know About The ‘Transformers’ Movies


The Transformers is series of a science fiction action movies based on one of the most popular toys over the past 25 years. The movies are high-budget production, box-office successful, and whether you are a fan or not, surely you have caught at least one on TV. They are everywhere.

From product placement to set secrets, here are 15 things that happened behind the scenes as presented by DIply.

1. Bumblebee was turned into Camaro

Bumblebee was supposed to be an original small, yellow, with black stripes Volkswagen Beetle. But Michael Bay didn’t find that car badass enough, so he chose a Camaro.

A yellow Volkswagen can also be seen in some of the scenes. It wasn’t completely left out from the movies. That’s nice.


Source: Motor Authority

How adorable was this guy being a VW Beetle in this day and age, anyway?

We grew up. He did, too.

source: via GIPHY

2. The movie used real soldiers and military vehicles

All the experiences and training have been given by the United States military to make sure that the soldiers acting in Transformers look as real as possible.

That’d be a pretty dope way to spend a tour, amirite?


Source: iCollector

Can you imagine, though, the soldiers going back to base expecting to hear their generals yelling: “Autobots! Roll out” That would be pretty cool.

source: via GIPHY

3. Megan Fox gained ten pounds for her role in one of the Transformers’movies

Usually, actresses are asked to lose weight for movies, Megan Fox got lucky. Director Michael Bay thought she was too lean, so all she had to do to get the role was order as many pizzas as possible. Extra cheese, please.


Source: Movie Pilot

I  am pretty sure we all miss Megan Fox from the franchise. She was one cool chick so full of attitude.  A beauty with brains, all you can ask for.

source: via GIPHY

4.Megan Fox didn’t know how to ride a motorcycle

In Transformers 2, Megan Fox needed help with her motorcycle’s scenes. Someone was in charge of pushing her to star driving and also had to grab her when she came to a stop. It all looked pretty real though, Megan is definitely good in acting. She fooled us all.

Also how amazing did she look in all the outfits she wore in the movie? Especially this leather one.


Source: autoevolution

The whole thing must have been pretty funny! Can you picture it ?

I guess it’s easier than training someone to ride a motorcycle, then. It’s not as easy as learning to ride a bike.

source:via GIPHY

5. Linkin Park personally requested to have their song in the movie

Megan Fox must be a die-hard Linking Park fan. While rocking it out on one of their concerts, the main vocalist Chester Bennington asked her to pull some strings with the producers and get their song in the first movie.
Who knew Megan Fox had so much authority, and also a great taste in music.


Source: DeviantArt | Shphon

Linkin Park are the best rock band in the world! It was a delight hearing their music in the movies, just made the whole experience even better.

Plus, I’ve had Hybrid Theory on repeat for days.

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6. The Megatron is the ultimate Transformer, the only one who changes forms all the time

The Megatron is the Decepticon leader who can transform in a different form in each movie. He can transform into three different types of guns, his robot form has an arm-mounted fusion cannon and also he can replace his right hand.
How terrifying is he?


Source: Transformers Wiki

Nothing can stop Optimus Prime, though.

Roll out!

source : GIPHY

7. In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, a crazy amount of cars were destroyed during filming.

One thing is for sure: Michael Bay will go to any length for a good movie. Even if that means wrecking 532 cars. Can you imagine how many cars were destroyed during the whole series? If we do some basic math that would be 2,660 cars!



Source: Pinterest

That’s insane.

On the bright side, they were damaged cars that an insurance company decided to give to the production. Still painful, since those cars were good enough for someone to drive. You know someone who uses the bus every day to go to work.

source: GIPHY

8. In Revenge of the Fallen, a goat jumps off the roof !

Only someone who is rewatching the movie for the 10th time, would notice a goat jumping off a roof of a house in the desert village scene.

That’s a fine detail, showing the devotion and dedication it goes in this movies.

Also, you got to admit that goat is a warrior.


Source: Cinememories

9. Shia LaBeouf made secret visits to the Project Iceman set in the first movie

How awesome is Shia LaBeouf?  He found the set so fascinating, that he wanted to stay there forever.

Pretty sure he also has the whole toy collection. Which one do you think is his favorite Transformer?

Maybe, Omega Supreme?


Source: IMFDB

I am positive this was his face every single time.

source: GIPHY

10. Patrick Dempsey first met Michael Bay at a Ferrari show.

Our favorite TV Doctor got a role in the Transformers franchise, after he bumped into Michael Bay at a Ferrari Show.

Love for cars it’s what brought them to work together. That’s brilliant.

We are all so proud of McDreamy.


Source: TFW 2005

11. Shia LaBeouf did hook up with Megan Fox

It’s only logical for two attractive people who work together to be attracted to each other. Shia and Megan are both hotties, so why not. Also, you’ve got to admit the chemistry they have is undeniable.


Source: ElMulticine

12. Dino was originally supposed to die in Dark of the Moon

Of course  Ferrari didn’t want one of their cars blown up.

So they had to move the death to Que/Wheeljack.


Source: Transformers Wiki

13. The truck of Furbies that blows up in the first Transformers had real Furbies in in.

Can you imagine how long it took to clean up all that fluffy mess? Also why would you destroy those adorable guys?


Source: Rebrinc

Remember how much you wanted a Furby?


14. In the Age of Extinction, Optimus Prime, doesn’t do a voice-over prologue.

We can all agree, that’s the biggest reason why it was the most underwhelming one of all Transformers movies.


Source: 7 Themes

15. Age of Extinction includes about 55 brands for product placement.

There is a lot of product endorsement in all of the movies. Completely understandable since visual effects are incredibly expensive. And what’s a fiction movie without them.

They’ve implemented them in such a subtle way, you’ll probably won’t even notice.

That is smart marketing.


Source: Anfronionio

While Megan Fox was making some unhealthy eating choices, Shia LeBeouf was spending his days in the gym gaining muscle for his role as Sam Witwicky. Only to realize Sam needed agility more  than strength.  On the plus side, Shia looked better than ever.

It looks like a lot of sacrifices have been made in the making of these, but that’s why you leave the cinema in awe every time you watch a Transformers movie.

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