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Fifteen Fatherhood Moments By ‘Don’t Forget Dads’ That Will Melt Your Heart


We are so used to the selfless love that the mother gives that we often forget the equally important love by the father.

The Instagram account “Don’t Forget Dads” is a place where dads are celebrated and fatherhood photos and stories are shared. These adorable images and stories just prove that a dad’s love is like no other. The account also has an idea to encourage fathers to be involved in the lives of their kids from an early age. And here are the dads who do just that, and they are amazing dads.

BoredPanda has made a collection of dads deserving some respect.

1. The last kiss is for my little one

This dad is leaving, but a friend helps for this magic kiss to happen. Mother and son are saying goodbye to daddy in the most emotional way.



2. The hardest part of every day is when you have to leave your baby boy at home.2


3. When you just know how to make them laugh.



4. A dad is also born when the kid comes to this world. And magic happens in that moment.


Source: dontforgetdads

5. It does not matter how you do it. Getting sleep is the most important. It’s everything.


Source: dontforgetdads

6. Unconditional love, unlike any other love you may know.

You suddenly are capable of anything, and you are their everything.


Source: dontforgetdads

7. Being a husband and dad at the same time is easy when there’s nothing but love.

Vacuuming, holding a baby and a needy toddler, smiling… Life is beautiful!


Source: dontforgetdads

8. Snuggling with your newborn is the best!


Source: dontforgetdads

9. Probably the best sleep the baby gets is the one on dad’s chest.


Source: dontforgetdads

10. These parents went through loss and persistence to get a baby. And it was all worth it.


That tattoo on his chest was done after their first miscarriage. Now his daughter lies her sweet head against it, and she’s there.

Source: dontforgetdads

11. Bonding time with daddy! So cute!


Source: dontforgetdads

12. These tiny hands will one day be almost as big as her daddy’s.


Source: dontforgetdads

13. Like father, like son


Source: dontforgetdads

14. A hard working dad of twin boys. Aren’t they cute together?


This man works, travels, and still manages to take care of his sons.

Source: dontforgetdads

15. Big doses of Oxytocin are on their way…


Source: dontforgetdads

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