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15 Genius Ikea Hacks You Can Easily Do Yourself


If you are DIYer, you probably feel like you are in a wonderland if you go to IKEA. You can immediately visualize what you will make of their affordable, practical and well-designed ready-to-assemble furniture and home accessories. They even make some products which can be re-designed. With a little imagination, you can re-touch according to your own style and fit it to your home décor. But if you need a little inspirational boost, then take a look at these genius and beautiful furniture collections. You will be amazed to see how you can make statement pieces out of them with just little tweaks.



1.Make a chick desk out of the classic and simple TARVA chest sports. Just paint it white and add gold details.



2.This is an amazing IKEA DIY for clumsy people. Use two stools and make a wine table. Your glass will never spill your wine any more. It fits great into small spaces.



3. Who said we need only one headboard?  Why not have two or more when it looks so cool and elegant.  This hack shows two Mandal headboards on top of each other for an extra storage piece.



4. As you already know most IKEA furniture comes in black, white or wood color which can be boring. Therefore people paint the pieces of furniture in their favorite colors. Like this  green finished unique vintage vibe.



5. The best way to add some storage space in your work room is to use your available vertical space. One of the many things you can do is to use a peg board with Bekvam Spice Racks.

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