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15 Hacks For You Dog Owners Out There


I don’t own a dog, yet. But when I do…and it will be soon. I will be prepared for all eventualities. I’ve collected these hacks that are gonna make me a pro-dog owner. From cooling on hot summers days, to food storage and DIY toys, this list is gonna make me the best dog owner on the block. When I get my dog, I’ll be ready.

Dogs are always referred to as man’s best friend, and that’s true. A dog won’t tell your secrets to anyone (mostly because it can’t talk), it will always be there to give you a hug to in case you’re feeling bad, and it will always look for ways to cheer you up, as long as it can participate in those ways too.

Even though I’m not among the dog owning population yet, I still think they’re wonderful and lovable creatures. If you have a dog, you probably think that he/she/it (yes I put “it” in there because… I don’t know, dog feminists exist in my mind, alright?) deserves the best of the best, and if that’s the case, here are 15 clever hacks for all of you proud dog owners out there!

1. A dry shampoo recipe.

This dry shampoo will freshen up your pup’s coat. All it takes is skin-safe vanilla oil, corn starch and some baking soda. rub it on your dog’s dull coat and hey presto a quick glossy coat.

Hacks For Dog Owners 1

2. A DIY dog bed

Got your car a shiny new set of tyres and don’t know what to do with the old ones? Give one of them a fresh coat of paint, put a nice fluffy pillow in it, and BAM! DIY dog bed!

Hacks For Dog Owners 2

3. Scoop hook

Attach an adhesive hook to your doggy’s food container, so the scoop is always handy when you need to pour some food if your pup is hungry.

*posh restaurant waiter voice* Dinner is served.

Hacks For Dog Owners 3

4. A DIY first aid kit

Throw together a basic DIY first aid kit, just to be prepared for some unexpected mishaps.

Hacks For Dog Owners 4

5. An auto-refill water bowl

This is a clever idea which cuts down the number of times you’ll need to fill up your dog’s water bowl. When the water level in the bowl dips bellow the mouth on the pop bottle, more water is released for your pup to sip on.

Hacks For Dog Owners 5

6. Pupsicles

Apologies to the person who came up with that name, but that’s a really bad pun. Anyway, a cool idea is to insert doggy treats into popsicle makers and make pupsicles!

Hacks For Dog Owners 6

7. The fitted sheet trick

Hairs and stains are a thing of the past with this trick. Just cover your couch with fitted sheets.

Unfortunately, I personally wouldn’t follow this idea, because every time I have to fit the “fitted” sheet on to my bed/couch combo for its bed mode, I feel like turning into The Hulk, grabbing the whole bed and throwing it out the window.

Hacks For Dog Owners 7

8. Cooling vest

That old pair of cargo shorts in the closet, along with a few grocery bags can be transformed into a great cooling vest for your doggy.

That’s pretty cool… Right? Right?

Hacks For Dog Owners 9

9. DIY Knot Ball

Stuff a treat in this DIYed knot ball and watch your pup entertain himself for hours!


10. Hidden food storage

This one depends a lot on the layout of your kitchen, but placing the garbage bin outside its drawer can turn that drawer (after you’ve cleaned it of course) into a hidden food storage for Fido.

Just don’t forget to close it otherwise, he might secretly eat out of it.


11. No-sew bed

A few yards of fleece and some poly-fil is all you need to make your dog a no-sew bed.

Hacks For Dog Owners 11

12. Cornstarch and water for accidents

If you’re clipping the nails and you accidentally hit the skin, apply a mixture of water and corn starch with a Q-tip. Baking soda will also work.

Hacks For Dog Owners 12

13. Ice cake

Make your pup an ice cake filled with their favorite toys and treats and keep them entertained on a summer’s day.

Hacks For Dog Owners 13

14. Squeegee magic!

Believe it or not, a rubber squeegee can actually dig up those stubborn hairs in places like rugs, carpets and furniture.

Hacks For Dog Owners 14

15. Slower eating

If your doggy always seems to finish his food in about five seconds, don’t worry. Just place a ball in the bowl to slow them dow, or you can flip the bowl upside down and fill the outer holes with food, that way they can’t inhale a ton of food all at once.


And those are some hacks for you dog owners out there. Which one was your favorite? Do you hvae any more to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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