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15 Hair Raising Hairdos From The 60s That Will Shock You


Let’s get something clear from the beginning. What you think is weird now, used to be even weirder in the past! As simple as that. Folk in the past didn’t have smartphones, but they were downright quirky when it comes to fashion. Don’t believe me? Just think about old movies and call to mind the outfits and hairdos that people rocked back then. It’s amazing how times change and fashion is rotating in its eternal circle. We know fashion trends come and go, so let’s take a look at 60s and see how people styled their hair back then. Not a child of the revolution? You might be shocked!


If you think that fashion is all about expensive and trendy clothes…the 60’s wan’t just a different era but a totally different mindset as well!


Fashion is a whole package. It’s the handbags, the jewelry, makeup and even how a person styles their hair.


Everything is important! Hair can instantly label a decade.


People in the 60s used to have a lot of up-dos. They liked up-dos a lot!


Remember your own way of styling your hair in the past? Did you have a hard time accepting new trends? I know I did.


Here are some hairdos that hark back to the glourious time between the 50’s and 70’s.

1. Big hair, big dreams


Bet she could hide her phone in that one

2. High hopes


Just imagine sitting behind her at the cinema.

3. Big and wide


Teased and elegant.

4. Alien hair was a hit!


I think my head might fall over with all that piling!

5. Bobble head


It totally looks like she has a box of items on your head.

6. This is actually a nice one


I wonder if I could rock this today…

7. Up And down


Wow! This is certainly impressive!

8. The perfect look


Who needs a purse when you can store everything in your hair!

9. A fashionable lady


I actually love this one! Reminds me of a Barbie look!

10. Stylish


She is rocking the hairdo like no one else!

11. Rock and roll chick


I love her outfit, but I don’t think her hairdo matches it.

12. On your marks


Okay, how do these ladies even run with these hairdos? Wow!

13. Baby boomers


Moms also rocked this classic look!

14. Wrap around


This is my absolute favorite so far!

15. Belle of the ball


It looks like that Christmas tree is ruined! But her hair is untouched!

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