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15 Halloween DIYs That Will Bring The Spooky Spirit To Your House


Halloween is coming and you are always out of ideas for a costume. If you are looking for the spookiest one this year, here are some ideas for you. However, if you are too lazy to actually wear a costume, but you love the spooky day, you can always do interesting DIY projects for your house. Halloween festivities are the best, everything is orange, black, and scary, and you get to see all sorts of creepy stuff. Why not make some for yourself and surprise your neighbors?

Here are some spooky ideas to get started.

1. Halloween tomato cage tree

Tomato cages are very affordable, and they are awesome for crafting. It doesn’t take a lot of time to transform it into your Halloween tree for the front porch.

Halloween Tomato Cage Tree

Source: Two Twenty One

2. Spooky skeleton hands

How about this one, which i probably the easiest and least expensive one? This skeleton hand is so creative, yet so simple! Gloves, candles, and some markers, and off you go.

Spooky Skeleton Hands

Source: Taryn Williford

3. Barbie zombies

Whether you use your own Barbies or buy some from the store, you will probbly have a blast transforming them into creepy zombies. Some paint is all you need.

 Barbie Zombies

Source: Crafts By Amanda

4. Lollipop ghosts

These will probably make the trick-or-treaters laugh out loud. Beyond simple!

 Lollipop Ghosts

Source: One Little Project

5. Sparkly witch broom

This witch broom is a mix of creepy and pretty. Get some twigs, a dowel, and a handful of beads, you can make this project happen in no time.

Sparkly Witch Broom

Source: The Rehomesteaders

6. DIY coffin table planter

It’s time to shop at your local craft store,  and look for a small coffin and a skeleton that fits inside. Then, fill the coffin with soil, add the skeleton, and shower him with your favorite succulents. Isn’t this the best Halloween planter ever?

DIY Coffin Table Planter

Source: Revamperate

7. Magnetic spiders

Do this on your front door and everyone will be shocked! Just glue a bunch of plastic spiders to some small magnets and put them on your door.

Magnetic Spiders

Source: Delia Creates

8. DIY wicked witch shoes

Aren’t these fabulous!? You can do them in the design you like, you just need some crafts materials.

DIY Wicked Witch Shoes

Source: Dale Detalles

9. Embroidery hoop spiderweb wreath

All you need is a bag of fake web and spiders! It looks cool!

Embroidery Hoop Spiderweb Wreath

Source: My Sister’s Suitcase

10. Cardboard tombstones

Putting a mini graveyard in your front yard is a great way to surprise passersby. Grab some cardboard, get your decoupage on, and be creative!

Cardboard Tombstones

Source: Matthew Ashman | eHow

11. Bat wall

Do you love bats? They are perfect for a Halloween craft.

Bat Wall

Source: Marvelous Mommy

12. Googly-eyed wreath

Ping pong balls, a black boa, and a foam wreath form are all you need to make this for your Halloween door.

Googly Eyed Wreath

Source: DIY Network

13. Cousin It

Your favorite hairy friend can now entertain you and your guests. Get an old floor lamp, a tomato cage, and a few grass skirts to have fun this Halloween!

Cousin Itt

Source: The Navage Patch

14. DIY skull vase

Depending on the style of your place, you could make a collection of these for fall and then swap out the flowers. It’s great for working throughout the whole year.

DIY Skull Vase

Source: Persia Lou

15. Cheap medusa headpiece

A dollar-store headband and a bag of plastic snakes covered in spray paint will create an awesome headpiece.

Cheap Medusa Headpiece

Source: Cher’s Closet
From: diply

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