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15 Hilarious Grandmas That Rock The World With Their Fun Spirit


Getting older is not so easy, but, for some people, it just means more and more fun times with your friends. Just because we are getting older, it doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun! Eventually, you are only as old as you feel, so if you feel like partying like a 21-year-old, just do it, but take good care of yourself. Age is just a state of mind for these following grandmas, who know how to party!

1. Bud-Weis-Ers


My, grandma, what big EYES you’ve got!

2. OAP flash mob


The flashers are back!

3. You are never too old to get back on the pole again


Grandmas can shake, shake, shake, too!

4. Grandmas can have a weird sense of style.


This grandma just came straight from the Wild West probably. Look at those cheeky shorts!

5. Greedy grandma


Don’t try and take those away from her, please…

6. The 100-year-old fire starter


This rock and roll granny is not afraid to do whatever she wants.

7. Ghetto grandma


She came straight from downtown Detroit, not caring about anyone.

8. Haters gonna hate


Grandma not in a mood to be polite or care what you think.

9. Drink up


Another one with the slogan t-shirt to show the world she’s still got life left in her.

10. Grandmella


Grandma’s festival look that is far from modest.

11. Insta-gran


How cool is this hippy granny? She’s even putting the millennials to shame…

12. The action granny


Even at 70 years old, the college boys think she’s the life of the party! You go, girl!

13. Badger granny


This granny is a living proof that it’s never too late for a pet!

14. The beer princess


She’s still a princess and she knows how to have a good time. Wearing the crown with pride!

15. Hula hula granny


Who says hula girls have to be young and Hawaiian? This granny is rocking those flowers and looks like she is enjoying that cocktail like a young lady!

Grans are definitely inspiring and hilarious!


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