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15 Hilarious Posts About Procrastination Prove The World Is A Messy Place

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Procrastination has become a daily routine for many people and they are still not even aware of it. Do you postpone writing your essays till the end of the month? Or do you wait for the “right” moment to do something? That’s pure procrastination, I warn you! While you may find a lot of benefits living alone, like these, it is more than obvious you need to stop procrastinating. In the world of modern technologies and the Instagram era, it’s hard to say no to a lazy afternoon, but it would be less of a messy day tomorrow if you actually started doing stuff.

But, don’t you worry child, because you are not alone in this. BoredPanda has made a hilarious compilation of the funniest procrastinators actually tweeting about it. It turns out procrastination has become an inevitable part of our existence. Still, although it doesn’t help us to get anything done, it does at least give us a giggle. Are you a master procrastinator? You might find yourself down below. Enjoy!

1. Watching Netflix stressfully

procrastination tweet

Source: scottwesierski

2. Procrastination turned out to be an excellent teacher

procrastination tweet

Source: raywththegauge_

3. Just looking at this person makes you think what is he procrastinating right now…

Is it studying for his math test or maybe his finals are coming?


Source: bobbobmac

4. Procrastination at its finest

procrastination tweet

Source: sxphiejeffery

5. Feeling guilty about it


Source: Imgur

6. At least you thought about it!


Source: Fowl Language Comics

7. Realizing it’s too late to even study for your test


Source: im-a-dorkface

8. Procrastinating includes opening this package, too.


Source: chaosgoose

9. He is all of us!


Source: marieisamess

10. That mystical day


Source: PaprikaShan

11. It’s in the genes


Source: em1ree

12. The sad truth


Source: aardvarsk

13. Exactly


14. Video games won’t help either


Source: icecreamsandwichcomics

15. The future plan


Source: Sarah Andersen

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