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Things You Had No Idea You Could Put In The Washing Machine


It would be great if we could put just anything in the washing machine, from jewelry to sofas and furniture. It would be an ideal world to live in. Many people don’t want to put certain stuff inside because they think it will get ruined, but it’s in fact the total opposite. Numerous unimaginable things can go inside and be transformed into brand new.

1. Plush toys

Elmo goes through a lot on a daily basis.

Source:Mama’s Laundry Talk

Most plush toys can go in the washing machine. You just need to make sure details such as eyes and noses are properly secured. Run a gentle cycle or put your plush toys in a delicate bag, and Elmo will be like new again!


Source:Mama’s Laundry Talk

2. Sneakers and boat shoes

There is not better feeling than having your shoes cleaned in the washing machine. Most canvas sneakers or nylon boat shoes come out a treat in the washing machine. Just remove the insoles and laces if you can, and do a cool wash.



3. Pillows

Both down and fiberfill pillows can go in the washing machine. Read their label and choose a gentle cycle with warm water. Then,enjoy the smell of your old pillows turned into new ones!


Source:Classy Clutter

4. Backpacks and gym bags

These bags can become very dirty, but you can also put them in the washing machine. Backpacks normally have buckles and embellishments so turn them insides out first.


Source: Pixabay | Pexels

5. Yoga mats

These are possibly even dirtier than your gym bag.


Source:Yoga In You

Most yoga mats can be washed in a washing machine, using a delicate cycle and skipping the spin dry. Lie the mat flat to dry to avoid it losing shape.


Source:Morning Runner

6. Rubber-backed rugs

These are usually made of cotton or synthetic fibers, so they can be thrown in the washing machine too. Such a relief!



7. Shower curtains

You know that feeling when you see mold accumulating on your shower curtain? It can easily come off in the washing machine. Even plastic shower curtains can go in the washing machine. Just use a cool cycle.



8. Chair cushions

They will need to be washed individually because of space, but chair cushions clean up beautifully in the washing machine. You can also wash high-chair pads, and you can do that as often as you want.



According to experts, only 5% of food you feed to your child ends up actually reaching their mouths. This is so disappointing for moms! Well, at least you can safely wash the mess.



9. Car mats

Similar like your home’s rubber-backed mats, car mats can go in the machine too. Just make sure you don’t overcrowd the machine—do one at a time.



10. Schoolbags

These can be washed in the washing machine on a warm cycle and they dry very fast.


Source: Etsy | SewSophia

11. Lego

It will come out like new after a wash in the machine! And your kids will love it.


Source:Gettin’ By

Remember to place the Lego pieces in a delicates bag to keep them all together. Be careful because this wash cycle is pretty noisy.


Source:Gettin’ By

11. Your pet’s bedding

Microbes and hairs are some of the many reasons why you should wash your pet’s bedding regularly in the washing machine.


Source: Pixabay | MeHe

12. Mop heads

There is a secret trick to washing mop heads in the washing machine. Wrap the mop head in an old pillow slip and tighten with an elastic band. It’ll stop the threads tangling.


Source:Reader’s Digest

13. Oven mitts

You can throw oven mitts and potholders into the washing machine too.


Source: Flickr | Mark Baylor

14. Wash baseball caps with this ingenious invention

They are little cages for baseball caps so they can be put through the washing machine and not lose their shape. Life is beautiful!

Source: eBay | Bellebeststore

15. Reusable eco-shopping bags

These can also get dirty a lot, so make sure to put them in the washing machine regularly.

Source: Flickr |

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