15 inspirational images that will convince you to make the world a better place


The news can be a real downer, with murders, wars, conspiracies and nasty politics, but it’s not wholly representative of the world we live in. Research has shown that most people on social media like to share happy news to infect each other with good vibes and shared smiles. Here’s a few that will pull up the sides of your lips and give you a warm feeling that whispers ‘Hey…this world aint so bad.’

  1. This tiny tot wipes the tears of a man on TV

A little girl wipes away the tears of a man on TV.


2. Tiny strangers hugging at the airport

They got acquainted at the airport and decided to give each other a hug.


3. An oxygen mask for the kitten pulled from a burning building

A fireman puts an oxygen mask on a kitten that’s just been saved from a burning building.


4. A marine stays back with a boy whose fallen behind his group in a marathon

A marine runs alongside a boy who fell behind his group in a marathon.


5. Feeling embarrassed to walk around a hospital in her nightgown, her grandson takes the attention off her.

An 84-year-old lady was embarrassed to walk around a hospital in her nightgown, so her grandson put one on as well in support.


6. Employees of a cleaning company wear superhero costumes to create a bit of magic for kids in this hospital

The employees of a cleaning company put on superhero costumes to cheer up kids in the hospital.


7. This unsung hero offers free haircuts to homeless people once a week

Once a week, this guy offers free haircuts to homeless people.


8. Surfers help a baby whale separated from its family

Some surfers help a baby whale after it got lost.

Source:Noticias del Puerto

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