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Chloe Morello’s 15 Minute Makeup Challenge & NARS Foundation Review


2016 saw the introduction of quite a few social media challenges. In the annual review, one in particular that stood out was the 15-minute makeup challenge.

The name is pretty self-explanatory, the person doing the challenge is supposed to apply makeup as well as possible in the timespan of just 15 minutes.

Some people ended up with great results, while others panicked with the time limit and their face was a total mess.

Either way, we have succeeded in finding a good attempt of the 15 minute makeup challenge by Chloe Morello.


She gives the challenge a shot, and she also packs in a review of the NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation, just for good measure.

The foundation was the first to be applied, and it seems to have done a very good job. She proceeded on to the eyebrows, then the eyeshadow and the liner. Finishing the eyes off with a hint of mascara. She completes the look with lipstick.


The end result is a party-ready look that should take you around 15 minutes. Well, if we’re being specific, it took Chloe 14 minutes and 42 seconds to complete this, so just a little bit less than 15 minutes.

Challenge completed!

Source:Chloe Morello

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