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15 Mothers Who Are Lucky They Look The Same Age Like Their Daughters


Aging is a tough reality that all of us have to face. Some are better at aging, some blame their genetics. This Taiwanese designer is laughing at time, though! She is 41, but looks like a teen. It is not all so bad, though. Especially if you are a mother and your daughters look so much like you! Some children are the spitting image of their parents, in every sense. It is so weird at times that we wonder who’s the mom and who’s the kid when we look at them together on pictures.

If you are in the mood for remaining eternally young, here are some pictures of mothers look the same age as their daughters.

1. Reese Witherspoon


Can you believe they are not sisters? They look like twins! Oh, Reese, you must have another one!

2. Spot the mom if you can


The mom is in the middle. But you can barely notice any age difference between the three of them. Indeed a lucky family!

3. Like mother like daughter


Wearing the same outfits, they could pass as twins!

4. Mom and her two twins.

Here is the proof that genetics can be awesome! The mother is on the left, in case you haven’t figured it out yet.




6. Mom on the right, with her four daughters


7. Mom and daughter…so hard to believe they are not identical twins!


8. Who’s who?


9. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for this mom on the left and her daughter on the right.


10. Same glasses, same top, same face…They must be playing a game!


11. This just gets more and more confusing


12. They’ve even got the same pose


13. Fitness trainer with her daughters


14. “27 years ago this amazing Mama gave birth to me and now I get to be in campaigns with her!”


15. Christie Brinkley (63) with her daughters



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