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People Whose Outfits Match Perfectly With Their Surroundings


Matching outfits are cute, especially if you do it for a special event or if it’s like a (kind of lame-ish) habit with your significant other. Also, many twins tend to wear matching outfits during their first years of life. But what if you decide to match your outfit to your room, or to your carpet? Sometimes people tend to do this on purpose to see if they can really be that similar to their surrounding. Sometimes, however, it happens out of the blue. You walk into a room, and then, your leggings match the design of the wall. And this is where it gets interesting. BoredPanda has brought many pictures together to show how great these people look with their surroundings. The outfits strangely match the walls, the carpets, or the outdoor environment.

Have you experienced this hilarious phenomenon? If not, these will give you a good laugh.

1. When you check into a random hotel, and then this happens all of a sudden.


Source: wickensworth

2. When you get the optical illusion of not having any feet.

This socks-carpet match is so soothing!


Source: digitalpoo

3. When you accidentally realize you’re wearing the floor.

And you decide to make that moment epic.


Source: beedat

4. Camouflage is the best.

People will probably stare at you forever.


Source: UntoldDimension

5. That epic Titanic scene. Totally nailed it!

It was called yellow…


6. That soldier’s uniform blends in with this floral couch so perfectly!


Source: ifoundabritty

7. Who wears it better?


Source: Jaja321

8. When you see it…

It might take a while.


9. The best urban camouflage.


Source: SmoothHookah

10. Way too matching for my eyes!



11. Urban camouflage at its finest.


Source: ItStartedinNeanderValley

12. A girlfriend without a body.


Source: spiderrichard

13. The bus-seats-looking dress that looks so cute.


14. When your shoe blends in with the floor.


Source: hostesscakeboi

15. Not a great match, according to the look on his face.


Source: copaceticbatgirl

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