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15 People Who Love To Show Off Their Croc Shoes Summer Tan


You’ve got to love your summer Croc shoes! And not for the design or the colour, but because wearing them just gives you so much comfort and pleasure! I doubt there is a single family who hasn’t owned at least one pair of crocs. And while many people love them, there are some who can not stand them, and that’s perfectly fine. And as summer just hit us hard, crocs are there to give you the cutest tan. Yes, it’s a thing, and it’s called a Croc Tan! This happens when you wear these cuties all day long out in the sun and forget that you will get a tan. These are so unique it makes you do it on purpose.

Here are some people who are proud to have experienced this lovely tan. Are you going to be one of them?

1. When you just live in your crocs.

That’s a pretty severe tan. Imagine going to the beach and show that tan off!

2. About time you switched to thongs.

Or you might be too late for that.

3. Some people might wear crocs only to hide their feet.

A perfect reason for putting them back on all summer!

4. Imagine the time spent tanning to achieve this!

It’s either super sunny out there, or they did it on purpose.

5. This is what you call a mild Croc Tan, and it looks adorable.

Don’t lose hope, you can still make it to the perfect tan this summer.

6. No matter what you say, this one deserves a medal.

Don’t even bother to fix it.

7. Here is a close-up view of a croc tan.

Cute it is.

8. This one looks perfect, too!

Blurry photo, but a proud person!

9. Look at that perfection.

Nice start! Keep up the good work!

10. Sometimes, you need a lot of tanning to make it perfect.

Loose crocs or not, you have the whole summer to make that croc tan perfect!

11. This is stylish!

It doesn’t look too extreme.

12. We can’t wait for this burn to turn into a Crocs Tan!

You are hooked on the crocs now!

13. Nice tan! How did you achieve it?


14. An excellent start of the summer.

Even a croc tan is a tan.

15. A barely-noticeable Croc Tan that can turn into a vividly-noticeable one in the future!

Keep trying!


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