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15 People Who Took Being Clever To A Pro Level


Being clever can be a life saver nowadays, but what if you cross the limits of cleverness? Wait, is there anything like being the least and the most clever? Apparently, yes, and being too clever can be harmful. For others, of course. How can you hurt yourself while being smart? Sometimes displaying your wit can get you into a bit of trouble. However, let’s congratulate these people who reached the highest level of clever in these pictures.

Stay clever, but keep out of trouble, seems to be the message.

1. Let’s congratulate this stockboy who should be made manager.


Source: Imgur | KingDeathstalker

2. This car owner who has the license to crack wise.


Source: reddit | charina91

3. The linguistic pun genius who wrote this.

I can’t stop reading this. It’s so soothing.


Source: Imgur | itsamazing

4. The creative person who wrote this news caption.


Source: reddit | elsewhere1

5. This ingenius warehouse worker who is worthy of meeting the “Dolly Llama”.


Source: reddit | kungfumilhouse

6. The reason why people love this bookstore. No one can mess with their favourite book genre.


Source: reddit | GunnedOutlaw

7. The worker at this pizza shop who was just sick of your “special requests”.

And, he might be right, after all.


Source: reddit | [deleted]

8. When you don’t want to be stared at. Perfect timing!


Source: reddit | Katimichelle

9. they make a good point!


Source: reddit | jkc83

10. Building a snowman isn’t just for kids. Geniuses can do it too, in an evil way.


Source: reddit | deanasaur1991

11. Facebook just got cooler with this post.

It makes you want to try it, right?


Source: reddit | jclovis

12. This kid who understands modern art like a pro!


Source: Imgur | tensioneevolutiva

13. This tourist who took the time to be clever in the right moment.


Source: Imgur | irritatedbybembi

14. Probably the smartest answer ever. But no credit, apparently.


Source: reddit | xsited1

15. This little girl who knows that beauty fades, but pizza stays for life.


Source: Imgur | clifwith1f

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