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15 photos that prove reality is better than photoshop


While photoshop can let your imagination do anything to a photo, there’s nothing better than a real photo that really shocks you. We may be a bit jaded now with all the photo apps that can transform meh photos into magical masterpieces but have faith as you scroll down these beauties that they haven’t been touched by the artists brush – what you see is what you get!

  1.  This 33 pound carp was caught on camera and on the South of France.



2. Your eyes do not deceive you, this is the after effects of an earthquake in New Zealand.

A fisherman got lucky with this beautiful, 33-pound carp in the South of France. What a stunning goldfish.


3. It may look like a Dali dream, but this pole has a lucky escape from a fire in Rudnya, Russia

A New Zealand railway after an earthquake in 2010.


4. Meet a Zebroid, a zebra and other equine hybrid.

Don’t mistake this photo for a surrealist painting. It’s just a photo of a pole that didn’t burn all the way in Rudnya, Russia.


5. A precision military march in China

This is a zebroid, a mix between a zebra and a pony.


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