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15 Hilarious Photos That Prove Siblings Are The Biggest Revenge Lovers


Having a sibling is an amazing thing in life. You need a person you can talk to about your problems, you have your loved sibling. Or when you need someone to help you when you’re in trouble, your sibling can come handy. If you wanna get in trouble, here’s the sibling. If you’re in trouble – yup, the sibling. Not always, but it often happens that they do this on purpose for their pure satisfaction. Your sibling is your family, and sometimes your role model, but they can be a pain in the ass, too! Here is a list of pictures showing the most annoying things a sibling can do in your life for revenge.

1. When your brother thinks Nicolas Cage is the worst person ever

Source: Timbo57

2. Thanksgiving with your sibling

When you have to go to work, but need to eat something when you get back.

Source: Seely2593

3. Empty watermelon for the hot summer days

A great offer from your beloved sibling. Impressive!

Source: MrRoom559

4. Stealing your playlist and pranking with it in the most painful way

Source: BBshakenbake

5. Your sister knows you the best

When you graduate from the Police Academy

Source: Mr_Dislexyc

6. When your family is coming over for Christmas

You replace your sister’s picture with one of Vladimir Putin.

Source: kittie-cat

7. Your brother really knows how to make you feel miserable

Source: ramblindan

8. When your sister is a vegan, but she also annoys you

She will be so confused when she wakes up.

Source: tomthefnkid

9. Sweet sister revenge

Source: DeliciouzWafflz

10. A really nice way to show your sister that you love her

When your sister asks you to save her a newspaper from her wedding day.

Source: alienufosarereal

11. Cropped photos are scary

Especially to your younger sibling

Source: largadeer

12. When your brother decides to change the names of his Netflix account

Source: Godoffail

13. A genius revenge when nobody is home

You must be a genius to do this perfection!

Source: MathewRogers

14. When you have a younger brother

Source: Purple-Smart

15. Siblings revenge

When you party and show your little sister, who also happens to be with your dad…

Source: Zactheman50
From: boredpanda

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